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Save Time and Money: Start Kegging This July!
July, 2012

There are three things that all homebrewers have in common: They all love good beer.  They all love saving money.  They all love saving time.  Well loving good beer is a given, but this month we wanted to help all homebrewers save themselves some time and money by getting into kegging and draft equipment!
We'll be offering some of our most popular draft equipment on sale this month.  If you're new to kegging, checkout our KEG400 starter kit, which will have everything you need!  Have a kegging setup, but want to upgrade?  Our keg washer and deluxe counter pressure filler might be just what you need! 
Where cleaning and sanitzing two cases of bottles can take an hour, a keg will only take 15 minutes!  Filtering and force carbonation become options, and there's just something so satisfying about pouring a cold beer out of a faucet on a hot summer day!
We'll be featuring the products pictured below at a discounted price all month, but make sure to keep an eye on our "Deal of the Day" throughout July, as we'll have plenty of other keg and draft related products on sale! 
D1400 Stainless Steel 7" Drip Tray
A wall mounted stainless steel drip tray.
KEG400 Kegging Starter Kit
Everything you need to
get started kegging!
D1320 Kegerator
3" Tower
Our 3" chrome tower.  Faucet included!
D1505 Commercial Keg Taps
It's always nice to enjoy some commercial kegs too!
KEG300 Keg Washer
A quick and convenient way to clean kegs and carboys!
KEG804 Counter Pressure Filler
Our deluxe counter pressure bottle filler at a great price!