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Hordein Protein Allergy Analysis
With our ongoing quest to provide ingredients and recipes for celiacs, below you will find a list of sources on the hordein protein and how it affects celiacs who want to brew low gluten beer using steeping grains.  Please help us further our research about this anamoly protein.  Contact us at: info@morebeer.com

Hordein Protein - a gluten protein found in barley

Gliadin Protein - a gluten protein found in wheat


1. A Word on Gluten and Beer - celiac.com - by Scott Adams

Some key points from this article:

"Gluten is an umbrella term used to describe a mixture of individual proteins found in many grains."

"We are unaware of any tests for hordein or any manufacturer that presently tests for hordein. (Note: If you know of anyone that does in fact test specifically for hordein, please let us know)."

"It should be understood that a company using an assay test for gliadin to test for hordein will not return accurate results."

"There has been widespread speculation that the brewing process eliminates these hordein proteins making all beers gluten-free. Although commercial assay tests for hordein are not available there is conclusive evidence that the brewing process does not degrade hordein to non-toxic levels."

2. Investigation of Hordeins During Brewing and Their Influence on Beer Haze by Proteome Analysis - Journal of Food Biochemistry Volume 35, Issue 5, pages 1522–1527, October 2011

" It was found that most of malt hordeins disappeared during the brewing process and only the few faint hordein spots (about eight spots) were detected in beer haze."

"Our results suggested that hordein might be minor haze-active proteins in beer but was a critical factor in the formation of beer haze."

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3. Barley-based low-gluten beer had ’substantial’ hordein protein levels, study...Here's another article supporting the evidence that the hordein protein is still present after the brewing and fermentation process.

4. Dissecting the T-cell response to hordeins in coeliac disease can develop barley with reduced immunotoxicity. There is testing being down on genetically producing barley that doesn't carry the hordein protein. "Creation of hordein-free barley may be possible."

5. Gluten free beer? Reduced gluten beer offers real beer taste for Celiac impaired..."For some Celiacs, “gluten reduced” beer in moderation may soon be a safe option.  I think the future looks promising.  The conversation has begun." - written by Charlie Papazian

Please consult your doctor first and ask about your allergy level to the hordein protein.  Ask for a test!  We need the FDA to endorse lab research providing a safety threshold of dissolved hordeins (ppm).