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Introducing our 2012 Brewer's & BrewSculptures Theme
Brewers License Every month MoreBeer! will be featuring a brewery, school, or industry supplier who is using a MoreBeer! BrewSculpture for brewing test batches and doing research.  We've been fascinated by these customers and we think you will be too.

We'll learn how they got started, tips on brewing, why they chose our BrewSculptures and how they are currently using them. As usual we will feature some fantastic deals, such as equipment they recommend, along with their new additions to our unique BrewMaster Series Ingredient Kits.
Strange Brew - Free Beer at the Brewery
Homebrewer Gone Pro!
Meet Jamil Zainasheff 
By: Olin Schultz Founder of MoreBeer!

Our first story starts over 13 years ago when a soft spoken man walked into our first showroom after driving an hour and told us that if our website was better he would have ordered online. If you believe in luck or fate then we were very lucky to have a bad website in 1998. Otherwise we would have never met Jamil Zainasheff in person.

Jamil helped us improve our site and layed the foundation for us to become one of the first homebrew supply stores to do a major portion of their business over the internet.  We had no money and Jamil worked for free, sure we gave him what supplies he wanted, but we definitely got the better end of the deal.  However we did give Jamil a BrewSculpture and we feel a little pride that the ease of use and repeatability of his BrewSculpture helped send him down a path of obsessive brewing. 

Jamil became an absolute brewing beast making up to 50 batches a year, stringing up an impressive string of accomplishments including being named California Homebrewer of the Year, The Ninkasi Award winner on a National Level, writing the books "Brewing Classic Styles" and "Yeast - The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation", evolving into the one and only "Pope" on the Brewing Network and now starting his own commercial brewery, Heretic Brewing.

Our own David Wonder, the Concord Showroom Manager, caught up with Jamil while he was brewing a batch and asked him a few questions

Jamil's BrewSculpture Story

Jamil brewed all his award winning homebrew recipes on a MoreBeer!
1550 Tippy BrewSculpture
What is your favorite aspect of your brewsculpture? 1550 Tippy BrewSculpture
"Pumps made it a lot easier to reproduce my original homebrew recipes.  I found ease of consistency when brewing on my 1550."

How many batches do you estimate you have brewed on your BrewScultpure?

"Around 300 on all sculptures combined."

What sticks out out as the best batch you've brewed to date on your brewsculpture?

"My doppelbock which got a 49 and 48 in nationals and I received great feedback from people that I really respect like Joe Formanack.  I also received 1st place in every category along with a dozen best in shows." 
New! BrewMaster Signature Recipe
Shallow Grave Robust Porter

Shallow Grave Robust Porter
Shallow Grave Porter is dark as night, perfect for a cool evening out in the woods. This a big, dark ale with a complex and rich chocolate and caramel malt character followed by a touch of warmth and light malt sweetness, leaving you ready for more after each shovelful. You will love this so much you won't have time to dig a six-footer, so make it a Shallow Grave.

ABV: 7%  IBU: 33  SRM: 33

Extract Kit: $39.95 BUY NOW
All Grain Kit: $34.95 BUY NOW

Heretic Brewery Video Tour
Check out Jamil and his crew on brew day
Filmed by: Chris Wonder
Produced by: David Wonder
MoreBeer! Concord Showroom Manager
Heretic Brewery Video Tour
Heretic Brewery Video Tour
"Ordinary beer is boring; don't drink it. Embrace your inner heretic and join us to push the boundaries of beer flavors. We are crazy about beer and passionate about making it. Wanna be a heretic too? There's always room for one more." - JZ
Yeast Pitching Rate Calculator™
Created By: Jamil Zainasheff "The Pope"


"Mr Malty's Pitching Rate Yeast Pitching Rate CalculatorCalculator™ is the result
of many months of laboratory experiments.
It uses precise formulas based on months of experimentation and feedback from leading yeast suppliers.

It can calculate the amount of starter wort needed, number of yeast packs required, amount of repitching yeast needed, the effect of stir plates, dry yeast rates, will estimate the viability of your yeast based on the date it was harvested, and lots more. Enjoy!
" - JZ

Jamil's Recommended Products

Johnson Digital Temperature Controller

Johnson Digital Temperature Controller
The Johnson digital controller is used to control the temperature of a refrigerator, or similar cooling or heating device. Enter your desired temperature, called set point, and how tightly you want your temperature maintained, called differential, and let the controller do the rest.

Our Price: $89.00
Sale Price: $79.00
Yeast - The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation

Yeast Book
The industries first book dedicated to yeast fermentation in beer. A book that will change homebrewing for many years to come.  Chris White of Whitelabs and Jamil Zainasheff take you on a path of understanding the powers of fermentation and all its mysteries. A must have for all homebrewers. 

SRP: $19.95
Sale Price: $15.95

Written By: Chris White and Jamil Zainasheff

Yeast Starter Kit - (2000 ml)

Yeast Starter
Create a huge starter for higher alchohol beer or cold fermented lagers. Start with one vial of Whitelabs yeast and this starter kit. Comes with 2000ml Erlenmeyer flask, 1/2 lb DME, & 1oz Fermaid K (Yeast Nutrient). Directions for use: Mix 1 cup (1/4 pound) of DME10 and 2 pinches of yeast nutrient mix with 1800ml of water.

SRP: $26.95
Sale Price: $19.95