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Free Beer Friday With Chris Graham & Vito Delucchi!


Previous Winners:

8/23 Tom G from Pennsylvania won a KOMOS® Pro Stainless Steel Outdoor Kegerator
7/23 Courtney M from Washinton won a Anton Paar EasyDens
7/23 Timothy W from Illinois won a Anton Paar SmartRef Digital Refractometer
6/23 Herbert P from New Mexico won a BrewBuilt Low Rider Digital Electric BrewSculpture™ V4
5/23 Ron D from California won the BrewBuilt Icemaster Glycol Chiller of his choice
4/23 Steve M from Wisconsin won a years supply of White Labs Yeast
3/23 Jeromy R from North Carolina won a KOMOS® Homebrew Kegging Kit
3/23 Kevin J from New Jersey won a KOMOS® Homebrew Kegging Kit
3/23 Tim K from California won a Gas Board for Duotight In-Line Regulators
2/23 Ken O from Virginia won a BrewBuilt™ X2 Jacketed Uni Conical Fermenter
1/23 Jeff W from Indiana won a BrewZilla
1/23 Johnny K from Ohio won a FermZilla 
1/23 Matt B from Washington won a FermZilla 
1/23 Jordan S from Oklahoma won a Canular Pro
1/23 Mark M from Michigan won a Megamouth Torpedo Keg
1/23 Michael S from Texas won a Megamouth Torpedo Keg
1/23 Mike B from Mississippi won MoreBeer! Swag + 5 Recipe Kits
12/22 Joseph O from Colorado won a Cannular
12/22 Keith E from Michigan won a Fermzilla
12/22 Sean S from New York won a Fermzilla
12/22 Buddy G from Florida won a FermZilla
12/22 Brett F from South Dakota won a BrewZilla
12/22 Curt P from Iowa won a Homebrew Starter Kit
11/22 Chris B from New York won a Megamouth Torpdeo Keg
11/22 Doug C from Iowa won a Megamouth Torpdeo Keg
11/22 Julie P from California won a Megamouth Torpdeo Keg
11/22 Ben K from Oregon won a Megamouth Torpdeo Keg
11/22 Darrell H from Wisconsin won a Megamouth Torpdeo Keg
11/22 Scott A from California won a Megamouth Torpdeo Keg
11/22 Aaron H from Vermont won a Megamouth Torpdeo Keg
11/22 Jon H from Wiscosin won a Megamouth Torpdeo Keg
11/22 Michael M from unknown won a Megamouth Torpdeo Keg
11/22 David S from California won a Megamouth Torpdeo Keg
10/22 Zach H from Colorado won a FermZilla Tri-Conical
10/22 Sandy B from Missouri won a FermZilla Tri-Conical
10/22 Stewart N from Luisana won a FermZilla Tri-Conical
10/22 Jorge E from Georgia won a FermZilla Tri-Conical
9/22 Jeffrey Y from Connecticut won a KOMOS Kgerator
8/22 Jonathen S from Missouri won a Gen 4 BrewZilla
7/22 Philip L from Missouri won a year supply of Viking Malt
7/22 Matthew G from Michigan won a 40lb of Viking Malt
7/22 Drew T from Illinois won a 40lb of Viking Malt
6/22 Vernon T from Arizona won a KOMOS Rubicon 2 tap Jockey Box
5/22 Mark D from South Carolina won a Fermzilla with pressure pack
5/22 Matt S from Illinois won a FermZilla All Rounder 
4/22 Brian B California won a Cannular Pro canning package
3/22 Todd R from Iowa won a Torpdeo Keg
3/22 Craig F from Texas won a Torpdeo Keg
3/22 Dustin R from unknown won a Torpdeo Keg
3/22 Tyler S from Tennessee won a Torpdeo Keg
3/22 Melanie B from Rhode Island won a Torpdeo Keg
3/22 Rudy C from Texas won a Torpdeo Keg
2/22 Luis A from Texas won a BrewZilla

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What Is Free Beer Friday?

Free Beer Friday is a new weekly video series hosted by MoreBeer! President Chris Graham. Each week, we’ll be giving out 5 Gallon Ingredient Kits to weekly viewers. And each month, we’ll be raffling off an awesome piece of brewing gear to one lucky viewer! But you have to tune in each week to find out how to win! New episodes will be released Fridays at 12pm pst. Be sure to subscribe and click that notify button so you don't miss out. 
***Please Read*** There have been scammers posing as Chris Graham and MoreBeer! and replying to YouTube comments asking for money or credit card information for shipping - this is not us and please, simply ignore or report them. We will never ask for credit card information. We wil be moderating the YouTube comments in an effort to keep these scammers from contacting you.
We will be choosing winners and reaching out to them typically within a week of each episode's release. All winners will be given a code to use at checkout on our website when they win, this way they can add anything else they would like to and address any additional shipping costs as well. FYI If the giveaway item qualifies for free shipping, then the free item will go towards the free shipping amount of your order.

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