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Wyeast Liquid Seasonal Beer Yeast

Very unique and unusual strains of yeast that get released quarterly, the Wyeast Private Collection Seasonal Liquid Beer Yeast available at MoreBeer! will certainly add a strain of individuality to your beer brewing projects at home. Their style is usually intended to coincide with what types of beers are being brewed at that time of the season, but these are limited edition yeast releases, some of which are only distributed one time. There are releases for January through March and for October through December. The PC Burton IPA Blend for January-March accentuated hop bitterness and aroma while still allowing full expression of authentic water profiles and pale malts. The brewer can still manipulate low to moderate ester level via the fermentation temperature and pitching rate. The Gambrinus Lager Yeast has a mild floral aroma and a Czech style with a complex flavor profile. Some of the seasonal releases may go out of stock quickly, so act soon and place an order at MoreBeer!