Wyeast Liquid Lager Yeast

If you are homebrewing lager beers, there is an impressive array of Wyeast Liquid Yeast for lagers available at MoreBeer! Choose from 10 diverse types of liquid yeast specifically for the brewing of lager beer. They have distinct differences. The Urquell Lager yeast is a strain with a mild fruit and floral aroma that produces a full mouth feel and a clean, neutral finish. Pilsen yeast is a mild, neutral strain producing beers with malt character and a smooth palate. There is minimal sulfur or diacetyl during fermentation using Pilsen yeast. Wyeast for American Lager can be used for many lager beers and is a wise choice for Classic American Pilsner beers. Danish lager yeast is what you'd want to use for Dortmund-style lagers. You will find that it ferments crisp and dry with a profile that is soft and rounded. Bohemian yeast is used universally worldwide and gives off a malty profile with some ester character and a crisp finish. See the whole menu of Wyeast Liquid Yeast for Lagers at MoreBeer! today.

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