Aeration & Oxygenating Wort

Wort aeration and oxygenation will help to make sure your fermentation goes well!  Maintaining healthy yeast during the fermentation process is important because healthy yeast create better tasting beer with less off flavors. While yeast is easy to acquire, it’s a bit more complicated to add the oxygen that is so necessary for the yeast growth phase. MoreBeer! carries wort oxygenation and aeration products that add the essential oxygen to the wort, and they come in a variety of different styles that enable you to introduce the oxygen a few different ways.

MoreBeer! carries stainless oxygen stones that add oxygen to the wort at the time of fermentation through  both aquarium pumps and oxygenation systems. Whichever type of wort oxygenation or aeration device you prefer, MoreBeer! offers them all at affordable prices!

Some Useful Information When Oxygenating:
  • Only add oxygen to wort when inoculating at the beginning of fermentation. (Adding it later will oxydize the beer.)
  • Only add oxygen to cooled wort (< 80 F). Adding oxygen to hot wort creates off flavors (Hot Side Aeration) and can darken the color.
  • Yeast use all availible oxygen in the first 3-9 hours. As long as you are doing a 1 or 2 time dose and are not running pure oxygen on a continuous basis, there is no real danger of over-oxygenating, only under-oxygenating.

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