Wine Yeast

While one would think that wine ingredients consist solely of grape juice and yeast, making wine can actually be much more complex than that!  The ingredients in wine can include different nutrients for the yeast or malolactic bacteria, tannins to add complexity, acids to adjust the pH, and SO2 to help stabilize the wine and protect it from spoiling.  So, where should you start?

If you're wondering where to buy wine yeast, look no further.  We have one of the largest selections available, offer multiple sizes for convenient pitch rates, and guarantee all of our wine yeast to be fresh.  We offer both red wine yeast as well as white wine yeast, and carry a full line of wine additives as well!  Of course, if you have questions on what yeast or additives you should be using for your home made wine, we always invite you to email our support staff at info@moreflavor.com!

Need help picking the right yeast for your grapes? Click here to check out our yeast and grape pairing guide!