Racking Wine

What is Wine Racking?

It’s simply the process of transferring the wine from one container to another. Winemakers typically do this in one of three ways. Either with a siphon, pump or with pressurized gas.

The different ways to Rack Wine.

Siphon: When working with small volumes of wine one of the easiest and low-cost solutions is to use gravity and create a siphon between vessels. This does require the filled wine container you’re racking out of be situated higher than the vessel you’re racking the wine into. So you will need the ability or a way to lift the filled wine container safely.

Pumps: When you’re working with larger volumes of wine a simple siphon is just not feasible. A wine pump can be very helpful and convenient in these cases. A pump allows you to quickly move large amounts of wine easily and even vertically. Pumps do however introduce some level of physical agitation to a wine. Very high levels of agitation can become damaging to wine. So it is important to use the right pump and make sure it’s setup correctly as well.

Pressurized Gas: When working with large amounts of wine especially in barrels the most ideal system is a barrel transfer tool and pressurized gas. Using pressurized gas to rack wine is very gentle and fairly easy to work with. When moving wine with pressurized gas it’s important to understand the process and safety steps involved.

If you have any questions about wine racking and what equipment is right for you please give us a call or email by clicking on the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page


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