Selecting the right cork for your Wine comes down to how long you plan to keep it in the bottle before it gets consumed. If you’re bottling something that will be enjoyed within a year, then there is no need to pay for a premium cork that is rated for 20 years. Conversely if you’re bottling a wine you plan to enjoy for years to come you don’t want to use a cork only rated for a year.

Here is a guide to help select the right cork:

Aglica wine corks: Rated for around 1 year.

Synthetic & Agglomerated “1+1”: Rated for around 2 years.

Grade 3 natural wine corks: Rated for 5-10 years.

Grade 2 natural wine corks: Rated for 5-15 years.

Grade 1 natural wine corks: Rated for 5-20 years.

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