Torpedo Homebrew Kegs

Sleek, all-stainless, and beautiful, Torpedo Kegs are the coolest ball lock kegs on the market!  Designed specifically for homebrewers, they are completely stainless and eliminate the black rubber found on traditional kegs. The black rubber can be annoying because it can cause scuffs on your floor and has the potential to crack over time. Torpedo Kegs are uniquely stackable, with  ball lock fittings attached, which is super coo. For examplle you might stack a 1.5 on top of a 5 or stack two 2.5 gallon kegs with all lines attached.  The five gallon kegs come in two dimensions, the original which is shorter and larger in diameter, matching up to original pin lock kegs, or the slimline versions which are taller and thinner, matching up to original ball lock kegs.  The recently added Depth Charge series offers the the only 10 and 15 gallon new ball lock kegs on the market. All sizes and shapes have optional neoprene sleeves to keep your beer colder longer when on the go.  Oh, and all Torpedo Kegs qualify for free shipping from MoreBeer!