Ss Chronical Brewmaster Edition Fermenters

Available in four different sizes (from 7 gallon to 1 BBL), the Ss Chronical Brewmaster Edition Conical Fermenters are definitely one of our most popular lines of fermenters!  These come with all of the features you would be looking for in a stainless steel conical fermenter.  Some of these features are:

  • 304 SS construction
  • Custom Squeeze Trigger SS Butterfly Valves
  • 3" TC Lid Port for Dry Hopping and CIP
  • Sampling Port included
  • 304 SS Weldless Chiller Coil mounted to body
  • Tailored Neoprene Insulation Jacket included
  • 1.5" TC Dumping and Racking Ports
  • Rotating TC Racking Arm included
  • Includes Weldless Thermowell & LCD Thermometer
  • Electrically etched internal volume markers (Gal & L)
  • Threaded inserts on leg bottoms allow for Caster Upgrades (not included)