White Labs Seasonal Liquid Beer Yeast

White Labs Seasonal Liquid Beer Yeast comes out six times a year from MoreBeer!, which releases a trio of unusual, wild-card strains from White Labs that they do not normally sell during these six special intervals. It's an extra half-dozen mileposts on the yearly calendar that homebrewers can anticipate. German Ale II Yeast produces a clean ale and is appropriate for Kölsch, Alt and German-style Pale Ales. Essex Ale Yeast, a January-February release, is a British-style yeast bursting with fruity flavor and boasting a dry finish. Winter is also the time for Bastogne Belgian Ale Yeast, which is good for high-gravity beer and dry beer with slight acidic finish. When early autumn arrives, so does Zurich Lager Yeast, a Swiss-style yeast used to produce lager beer that could exceed 11% ABV.  Every season has something unique when you visit MoreBeer!