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This is the most hip, freshest brewing page on the web. What's cooler than cool?  All the new products that roll into Morebeer.com on a weekly basis. From the stainless bling of BrewBuilt to the cool of Komos to the wow factor of Kegland, if it is new you will find it here. Plus since we have our own R&D team, in house metal shop, we also make lots of our own stuff.  Interested in the next hot new hop?  Our hop sourcing team drops them here first! Bookmark this page to stay in the know!





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New Homebrewing Supplies!

Welcome to our new homebrewing products page! Every new brewing product we bring in get's listed above. From homebrewing supplies like new yeast strains, grains, beer recipe kits & hops to equipment like mills, conicals &  brewing kettles. If it's new for homebrewing, you can find it here! If you don't see the new homebrew product you're looking for shoot us some feedback and we will work on bringing it in. Cheers!