Plastic Carboy & Fermentation Buckets

If you prefer to use plastic storage containers instead of glass when fermenting, MoreBeer! offers a large selection of plastic carboys and buckets to suit just about any home brewer’s needs. These sturdy, durable storage carboys aren’t made of your usual plastic, but rather a polyethylene terephthalate copolymer (PET) plastic that won’t break, even when dropped. Plastic carboys are light weight, easy to clean and won’t add taste or odor to your brew, nor will they absorb any colors or odors from liquids stored inside. These beer carboys are also free of BPA, DEHP and plasticizers, so you can feel confident in their safety and performance.

Plastic Fermenters & Accessories

Shop MoreBeer! for a wide selection of plastic brewing carboys and buckets in all styles and sizes. Whether you’re looking for smaller, 3-gallon plastic carboys or large, 6-gallon buckets, we offer an impressive and affordable selection of plastic storage containers and the accessories to go along with them.

Note: While safe to use with any of the usual sanitizers (Star-SanSani-CleanPBW, and SO2, PET plastic should not be heated above 125 F (52 C).