Wine Testing

Winemaking is both art & science and the science side requires testing. It’s important to test your wine throughout the entire winemaking process to make sure it’s healthy and progressing as expected. We carry a complete selection of wine testing devices and reagents to help with all of your wine testing needs.

Some common wine tests that we highly recommend every winemaker do are as follows:

  • TA testing, this measures the amount of total acids or TA for short in your wine or must.
  • pH testing, this gives you an idea of how your wines acidity will be perceived when tasted.
  • Sugar testing, this is performed to measure the amount of sugar in both wine or must.
  • SO2 testing, this is a critical test to being able to protect your wine from oxidation and spoilage.
  • Malolactic testing, this test is to monitor the completion of, or presence of malolactic fermentation in your wine.
  • Temperature testing, this should be monitored during all stages of winemaking. It’s important to monitor and maintain the correct fermentation and ageing/storing temperatures to ensure your wine develops properly.

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