Liquid Wine & Cider Yeast

While MoreBeer! certainly represents the essential one-stop venue for homebrewers of their own beer, the truth is that MoreBeer! is actually, well, more than beer. MoreBeer! also carries White Labs Liquid Wine Yeast and Liquid Cider Yeast for folks who are interested in branching out and trying their hand at creating those beverages themselves. Each liquid yeast vial from White Labs comes in 5-gallon increments, so they are directly pitchable. White Labs even offers classic yeast for Champagne. The Champagne Yeast can also be used to produce cider and dry wines, as well as pitching it as a secondary option for making a beer drier. White Labs Sweet Mead Yeast for blush wines or cider carries a taste that is slightly fruity. Classic cider yeast ferments dry, while retaining the apple flavor. 


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