Liquid Beer Yeast For Lagers

Homebrewing lager that achieves a high level of quality can be a complex process, but MoreBeer! is here to help with an impressive selection of White Labs Liquid Beer Yeast for Lager available in 10 unique strains each with their own individual strengths and personalities. White Labs Pilsner Lager Yeast is dry, malty and made for the production of European Pilsner. White Labs Czech Budejovice Yeast from the Southern Czech Republic makes a lager that is notably crisp and dry. White Labs San Francisco Lager is used to produce the California Common style of beer and can be fermented up to 65 degrees while retaining Lager characteristics or down to 50 degrees. Every brewer has a unique palate, so find the yeast that suits your lager tastes best and order today from MoreBeer!