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From the blogs, pictures, and answers from real MoreBeer! customers

So you are thinking about homebrewing your own beer! Want to learn how other MoreBeer! customers have set up their home breweries? Do you have questions about starting out. We have four great resources for you to check out:
  • The Buzz! - Our own Social Network of over 5,000 customers.  Many have uploaded pictures of their brewing set ups and have even blogged about their experiences.  A great place to get you jazzed about the homebrewing community.
  • The MoreBeer! Forum - Consider joining the MoreBeer! Forum so you can read past threads, most of which are common questions from actual homebrewers.  Feel free to jump in and ask your own questions at anytime.
  • MoreBeer! on Facebook - We invite you to join the MoreBeer! community on Facebook. Check out what is going on with us, catch an instructional video, or just simply chat with other beer-minded folks like yourself - all in one place!  
  • MoreBeer! on Twitter - Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on events, products, and information.