Komos Kegerators

Kegerators developed by homebrewers for homebrewers and beer lovers alike.  They offer a very unique set of features at a price that cannot be beat.  For starters they are made with homebrewers in mind so the digital controller goes from 26°F all the way up to 82°F to allow for fermentation control as well as serving.  Gas line, beer line, and a robust KOMOS regulator are all included.  The units also have a stainless door, stainless steel floor, CO2 tank holder, tower fan, tap & faucet tool, hose clamps, castor wheels, a glass storage rack and a drip tray.  They use modern refrigerant and are efficient to run even in hot ambient conditions. All kegerators also include Intertap forward sealing faucets along with Intertap towers. Choose between our standard line and our all stainless steel line for outdoor or commercial placement.