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The MoreBeer! Social Network

Created For Homebrewers, Driven By Homebrewers!

Homebrewing has always been a community-based activity.  These days though, it seems harder and harder to get to that local club meeting or that big brew at the local home brew shop.  Too much time online, in the garage, doing chores, and having family time to really enjoy the company of other brewers.

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can get your home brewer fix without putting your pants on!  MoreBeer! has created the perfect social network for those of you that feel out of touch with the home brewing world.

The MoreBeer! Forum

Our first venture into social networking before we even knew what that term meant!  At the MoreBeer! Forum, you can get any and all questions answered simply by asking it.  Or, if you are the shy type and like to lurk, search any term you like, and the answer will appear.  With over 6,000 active members there isn't a question they can't answer!

The Buzz!

A mini-blog site, Buzz members can sign up for their own page and post blogs about their brew days, recipe formulations, that cool new brewery up the road - whatever! Share photos or videos with one another - let's see that fancy new recirculation arm you just built!  Your homebrew club can even have it's own group where you can plan meetings, big brews, pub crawls, etc.


For the home brewer on-the-go, the MoreBeer! Twitter Feed is the best way to stay in touch with the world of beer, 140 characters at a time.  Whenever there is something new happening at MoreBeer - like a sale or new product - the Twitter Feed gets updated almost instantly, thrusting you ahead of those who rely on crawling the website to find new items.  We aslo like to plug cool and interesting beer blogs, web sites, anything beer related that strikes our fancy.  Do people still say that?  Maybe someone can Tweet  me and let me know ...


Our official Facebook page!  Here you can get more detail on when our huge show room events are going on, anything cool product-wise, or just tune in to the random comments that somehow get posted.  Again, it's all about beer - 24 hours a day.  Become a fan and you can even post videos and photos of yourself brewing or using your favorite MoreBeer! product for the entire world to see. 

The Feeds

Or if you just want to pop on and see what is going on at Facebook andd Twitter, here are the feeds, posted for your enjoyment!