Intertap Beer Faucets

Intertap faucets combine all the benefits of forward sealing faucets but with an unmatched reliability.  Most standard beer faucets use a rear sealing design where the beer that is left in the faucet after being shut off must drain through a vent hole.  That creates an ideal place for airborne bactera and yeast to reproduce creating an unsanitary condition. Intertaps seal at the front which keeps bacteria and wild yeast out of the interior of the faucet.  

So while forward sealing faucets are superior they have had one flaw - the internal sealing mechanism acts on a pedulum which causes an interal o-ring to wear out and the faucet to drip. The unique design in the patented Intertap is that the sealing mechanism uses a shuttle design that allows for uniform pressure against the o-ring. No leaks. The Intertap also offers some cool accessories like a self-closing spring, growler fillers, a stout spout, and a ball lock fitting for attaching counter pressure fillers and beer guns.  It really is the best draft beer faucet on the market.  Available in stainless steel, stainless steel with flow control, gold plated and chrome plated brass. All Intertap faucets sold by MoreBeer! in the USA have been Generation 2 faucets which improved upon the original Generation 1 faucets.