International Stout Day

Celebrated on the first Thursday in November, International Stout Day honors one of our favorite beer styles, Stouts! Beloved by many these roasty dark beers come in many variations. From the classic Dry and hearty Imperial Stout to velvety sweeter versions like Oatmeal and Milk Stout. There is no doubt, there is a Stout for everyone to celebrate International Stout Day with.

If you’re like us, you’ll probably agree, the best Stout is the one you make yourself. Below are all of our Homebrew Stout Beer Recipe Kits. All of these kits include the freshest ingredients and easy to follow instructions. Plus we offer Free Shipping on most orders and have your back on brew day with any questions you might have. So brew up the Stout of your choice and join us raising a glass to one of our favorite beer styles this coming International Stout Day!


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