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 All Grain False Bottoms & Hopbacks

Homebrewing requires many more components than just a kettle and burner, and MoreBeer! offers a wide selection of false bottoms and hopbacks made especially for brewing that will ensure that your batch turns out perfectly every time. With high quality materials and free shipping when you spend $59 or more, there’s no better value than these brewing accessories.

False bottoms are used to separate the sweet wort from the grains during the mashing process, so they must be made well in order to sparge the grain bed in a uniform manner. MoreBeer!’s false bottoms are made of stainless steel and come in your choice of sizes to best suit your brewing system. If you want to add an extra hoppy flavor and aroma to your brew, we also carry hopbacks that can be inserted in-line as the beer is cooled to help transfer delicate hop oils and aromas that would otherwise be boiled off.  Shop our entire selection of hopbacks and false bottoms to create a truly impressive brewing system!