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New to Homebrewing

Welcome to the wonderful world of home brewing! It is easy to make your own World Class beer at home. But like the first time you do anything, homebrewing will be more difficult the first time through. After a few batches the processes become second hand and you relax. What we aim to do is to help you make that transition as smoothly as possible, and to get you making unbelievable beer, starting with the first batch.
If you need help any step of the way when brewing please feel free to contact us via the phone number above or via email at the MoreBeer! Helpdesk

10 Steps to Homebrewing Great Beer

How to Brew Great Beer in Under Six Hours.
A visual instruction guide to brewing. The process takes about 6 hours total, from beginning to end, and the results are fantastic!

Home brewing Instructions

Beginning Homebrewing Instructions.
These are the actual, step-by-step instructions that are included with our Personal Brewery starter kits as well as with each ingredient kit you purchase.