Wort Chiller

Chilling your wort is an essential part of the beer brewing process because it cools the wort down to a temperature where you can add beer yeast, which is part of what turns the wort into delicious beer. Wort chillers, also called wort coolers, are very popular because of their reliable performance and quick wort cooling process.  Regardless if you're cooling wort in the winter, or trying to beat the summer heat, our wort chillers are up to the task!

We offer both immersion chillers and counterflow wort chillers, depending on your preference. While immersion wort chillers run cold water through the batch near the end of the brewing process, the counterflow chiller is an external chiller that you pump the wort through. Counterflow wort chillers are a bit more efficient than immersion chillers because they focus on a smaller volume at a time, although they are a bit more expensive for the more serious home brewer. 

Shop our entire selection of homebrew wort chillers to find the one that is right for your batch size and your budget and receive free shipping on orders of $59 or more.