White Water Hard Seltzer Kits

Put down the mash paddle and grab an oar! Popular brands like White Claw and Truly have cemented hard seltzer as a light, refreshing, low calorie alternative to beer, and although our love for beer is everlasting, we gotta admit this hard seltzer stuff isn’t half bad! But like any self-respecting homebrewer, we asked ourselves, “Why buy at the store what we can make at home!?” Enter the White Water Hard Seltzer kit series. Instead of rushing in to catch the wave, we spent a year developing a recipe kit that is both super tasty and easy to make. Our kits include everything you need to nail your very first batch of hard seltzer with easy-to-follow instructions. Choose from popular flavors like cherry, peach, and raspberry, or pick up the Classic for a no-nonsense unflavored seltzer. You’ll be laid back like an otter when you’re drinking White Water!