Glycol Chillers

Control your fermentation temperature like a pro with a glycol chiller! Until recently glycol systems were out of reach for most homebrewers. Luckily that has changed now that several purpose-built units for homebrewers are available to choose from. Take advantage of our large selection of glycol chillers, best in industry customer service, and FREE Shipping to start taming your fermentation temp like a pro brewer!

Understanding Glycol Systems

Glycol systems can be intimidating at first but the principle is basically the same as any heat exchanger i.e. Immersion Chiller, Counter-Flow Chiller, Plate Chiller, etc. You are essentially using one medium (Water & Glycol Mixture) to cool another medium (Fermenting Wort), just like you would use your groundwater to cool your boiling wort. The mixture of Propylene Glycol allows the water to go below its freezing point. This way it works much faster to chill your solution than groundwater. The Glycol Chiller is basically a refrigeration unit that cools the liquid in its reservoir. Then your temperature controller turns a pump on or off that runs the cooling medium through a heat exchanger like a CoolStix™, chiller coil, or jacketed fermenter. To learn more about the principle of glycol systems check out our Introduction to Glycol article here.

Are you a Pro Brewer or Brewery in planning?

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