GigaYeast Double Pitch Liquid Beer Yeast

GigaYeast Liquid Beer Yeast available at MoreBeer! gives homebrewers double the yeast for a negligible increase in price so they can benefit from faster starts and enjoy more flavorful beer in the end. Each order of Giga Yeast comes with 200 billion yeast cells per pack, a great advantage if you are making 5 gallons of high gravity beer but you lack the time to make a starter. This saves money if you are making 10 gallons and only want to buy one yeast pack. GigaYeast Double Pitch NorCal Ale #1 Yeast is a clean fermenting, versatile strain from one of the most famous California Pale Ales.  Its neutral flavor helps you brew a crisp beer, and it is especially good for high gravity beers.  GigaYeast Double Pitch Vermont IPA Yeast is known for its exceptional taste when combined with aromatic hops, it is ideal for IPAs and also good for high gravity beers.