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Fast Orange Brewery QC Products

"You don't have to do much but you have to do something" is the quote from Gudrun Vogesser, phd owner of PIKA Lab, and inventor of Fast Orange.  Fast Orange makes brewery QC easy and is used by all levels of breweries. The basic idea behind all the products is that you take samples or swabs during the different stages of production and even into serving. If at any stage you have contamination the sample will turn bright yellow. If you have a positive for contamination you will know where in the process contamination entered and you can alter/fix your cleaning and sanitizing procedures. If you want to go further send the sample out for PCR testing or do PCR testing in house.  For small breweries Fast Orange is your lab.  For larger breweries it saves a ton of labor by eliminating traditional filter disc preparation. 

Using Fast Orange is a super easy, inexpensive QC method to protect your brand. Stop contaminated beer from leaving the brewery. The market is no longer forgiving of bad beer and bad news travels really fast.  

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