Dry Malt Extract

Six different types of dry malt extract (DME) are available at MoreBeer! to better enhance your homebrewing experience. When liquid malt extract has the moisture content taken out through a spray drying process, dry malt extract is the result, and that means a source of malt that will last longer than liquid extract will. Great for the creation of yeast starters, dry malt extract comes in Light, Pilsner, Amber, Dark, Bavarian Wheat and Dried Rice. The amber dried malt extract is darker because the crystal malts are added in during the manufacturing process. A light colored pure extract, Pilsner dried malt extract is great for numerous types of lagers, as well as adding a unique flavor to some ales. The Bavarian Wheat DME is excellent for all wheat beers, and consists of 65 percent wheat and 35 percent barley.

Note that dry malt extract will differ from liquid malt extract in its sugar content when diluted weight for weight:

·         1 pound of dried malt extract dissolved in one gallon of water = 1.045 SG

·         1 pound of liquid malt extract dissolved in one gallon of water = 1.035 SG

·         For reference: 10 pounds grain to create 6 gallons wort, boiled to 5 gallons = 1.050 SG (assuming a 70% efficiency)


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