Dry Yeast

Have you heard the news? Dry beer yeast is catching up! Nowadays, it is a perfectly viable alternative to liquid beer yeast for folks brewing their own beer at home. MoreBeer! has a selection of more than 50 dry yeast strains that can more than hold their own against liquid beer yeast. Dry brewers yeast quality has improved exponentially in the last decade or so. See for yourself with items like Dry Yeast Belle Saison, a quick starter ale yeast of Belgian origin selected for its ability to produce great Saison-style beer; Dry Yeast Munich Wheat Beer, a non-flocculent strain; Nottingham Ale, a highly flocculent yeast with full attenuation for drier beers with a neutral flavor profile. Nottingham Ale Dry Yeast is used by many commercial microbreweries; or Saflager S-23 dry yeast, a lager bottom-fermenting yeast used by Western European commercial breweries. 

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