Commercial Kombucha Equipment

Kombucha is in high demand at tap rooms & local markets across the country and we can help you make it!  If you are thinking of going pro we offer a huge list of popular equipment and supplies used to scale up Kombucha production to commerical batch sizes. We assembled a curated list of items we see going out on orders to pro booch makers. We ship fast with two warehoues in CA and PA. If you already are a commercial Kombucha company please contact us about setting up a wholesale account through MoreBeerPro.com.  

We have included in this category a curated list of our HDPE fermenters and stainless steel tanks that have been used in the production of Kombucha. All open style or floating lid style tanks can have the lids removed during fermentation. Looking for something custom?  Let us know what you are looking for.

Draft & Kegging
If you are going to serve your Kombucha on draft we stock a ton of draft equipment from regulators and co2 tanks to all types of stainless kegs. We have faucets, towers, draft lines, taps, couplers and everything else you need to keg and serve your Kombucha on tap.    

We offer a selection of pH testing equipment and supplies from pH meters to calibration solutions.  

Everything Else 
Since this is just one little category we suggest you search the site for whatever you are looking for.  We also stock all the small stuff including stainless fittings, tubing, pumps, bottle fillers and bottles, glycol chillers, temperature controllers, heating wraps, hops, sugars, and so much more!  

If you already have a commerical Kombucha company please contact us about setting up a wholesale account through MoreBeerPro.com

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