Cold Brew Coffee

Not to knock the hot stuff, but nothing is quite as enjoyable as a tall glass of cold brew coffee. Cold extract coffee tends to offer a more rich, smooth coffee flavor, and since it's steeped at a much lower temperature, you don't extract as much of the oils and acids from the beans as when you hot steep. You may be surprised to learn that making cold brew coffee at home is an incredibly simple process that only requires a few pieces of equipment. The ratio we've found that works best is 4 oz of course coffee grounds to 6 cups of water, and this ratio can easily be extrapolated to brew whatever batch size you desire. Simply combine the grounds and water in your vessel of choice, place it on the countertop or in the fridge and let steep for 12-16 hours, strain out the grounds into a secondary vessel using a mesh bag or sieve, and you're done! Don't be fooled by Big Cafe, it doesn't take a barista wiz to enjoy cold brew whenever you please!