Can Brewing Save You Money?

I’ve never liked the idea of telling people you can save money by brewing your own beer at home vs.buying beer.  Not that it can’t be true, but I'd rather see them do it for fun, social, creative, etc... reasons than strictly saving money as there are costs such as start up equipment, your time, etc.. that makes that a hard calculation.  However, if you already brew beer or have the equipment to do it, and you enjoy doing it, then it is fairly easy to say you can and do save serious money over just buying beer.  The following two categories feature beers you can brew for $1.00 / $1.50 or less a pint.  When you think about the cost you outlay, that's pretty darn good compared to buying a 4 pack of craft beer cans.  

How we calculated the costs 

Our kits make 5 gallons of finished beer, which is about 40 pints. We do our calculations based on using dry yeast which currently averages out to around $6 each batch, but if you're able to reuse yeast you can save even more.