Brewing Malts & Grains

When you are ambitious enough to commence your own beer making project from scratch, you'll need brewing grains and malts, which are abundantly available here at MoreBeer! Fresh beer ingredients like this really do make a difference, resulting in a more rewarding finished product. We offer a choice of more than 75 different types of malts, barley and grains, as well as nine types of flaked brewing grains and rice hulls. Flaked maize helps to lighten the body and color of a beer, flaked barley aids in the creation of a lighter color and superior head retention in a beer and flaked wheat improves the head retention of a beer. With so many different options of grains and malts, the amount of creativity amateur homebrewers can explore is almost infinite. Most brewing malts are available in weights ranging from 1-, 3-, 5- and 10-pound bags.  We also offer bulk brewing grains, usually coming in 50 and 55 lb sacks.