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Beer Yeast Culturing Supplies

To best store and propagate your yeast for brewing at home, beer yeast culturing supplies available at MoreBeer! give you everything you will need to culture your own yeast. Find flasks, alcohol lamps, inoculation needles, Petri dishes, agars, torches, tube racks, stir plates, stir bars and more. Dried malt extract is available in either light or Pilsner form. When you order a flask from MoreBeer!, each one is made from borosilicate glass that can be transferred directly from heat to ice without cracking the way normal glass would. You can even find a peel-away wax pencil for writing yeast information on Erlenmeyer flasks and glass carboys. The agars sold by MoreBeer! are pharmaceutical grade so you can reliably make slants and plates. No matter what you need, MoreBeer! has the right supplies for yeast culturing.