Beer Off Flavor & Sensory Training Kits

In brewing, achieving high-quality results relies on the ability to accurately detect and describe the flavors, aromas and textural characteristics found in every beer. Every human being has differences in their sensory abilities to detect beer off flavors, yet practically anyone can build their skills through the process of sensory training. Breweries, and those involved in beer judging and serving like BJCP Judges (Beer Judge Certification Program) or a Beer Cicerone, use professionally-designed sensory panel training techniques to improve taster accuracy. By using pure food-grade flavor and aroma compounds added to samples of reference beer, tasters learn to separate the hundreds of beer off flavors into individual recognizable traits, giving the taster valuable knowledge about desirable and undesirable characteristics in the beverage.

Implement your own Beer Sensory Station training system.

The sensory training kits from Siebel Institute will help you develop your ability to detect aromas and off flavors associated with beer, both desirable and undesirable. In a convenient easy-to-use liquid form, Siebel Institute sensory training kits let you enhance your ability to identify and describe some of the most important aromatic compounds found in beer. Just open a vial of a Siebel Institute sensory standard, pour it into a pitcher, add an accurately-measured amount of beer (usually one liter), and you are ready to start identifying beer off flavors and aromas.

Available in a variety of kit sizes and formats, Siebel Institute kits are great for individual use or in group settings such as homebrew club meetings, brewery staff training or beer event demonstrations. With multiple how-to videos available for free viewing on the Siebel Institute Sensory Station YouTube channel, you can learn how to easily set up taste training experiences as well as walk through descriptions of the origins and characteristics of the full Siebel Institute sensory compound line-up.

Improve your own beer sensory expertise and help teach others how to build sensory skills and detect beer off flavors with Siebel Institute sensory kits from MoreBeer! 

To download the Siebel Institute Sensory Station Guidebook, click here. To download the Sensory Training Kits Leaflet, click here.

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