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The MoreBeer! Monthly Podcast

The MoreBeer! Monthly Podcast is designed to give you an insight into the company, what's going on currently, whats coming up in the near future and some monthly discounts. You can either download each episode here on this page or you can choose to subscribe via iTunes. We hope you enjoy the podcasts and if you would like to hear about something we have not covered drop us an email and let us know.

or copy and paste the following link into your favorite podcast subscriptions service: http://www.thebrewingnetwork.com/morebeer.xml


August - Co-Founder and Metal Shop Manager Darren Schleth tells some of the history of MoreBeer!
- Chris Graham is back with us to talk about his new inventions!
May - Customer Service manager Ryan Barto is our focus this month!
March - Come and meet Jonathan Plise this month!


December - Join us to hear what December has in store for you!
November - Once again, JP is back to talk about November and are new giveaway!
September - JP braves the studio to talk about our new kits for Brewmaster month!
August - Chris Graham tells us all about gadgets and why we love 'em!
July - Olin Shultz gets back on the mic to talk about this month's theme, "Break Free from Bottles"!
May - This month learn about our May promotions with Jason Petros.


August - Justin and Chris discuss the new Vacumbrewing System and Brewing for NorCal Homebrewers Festival.
June - Justin, Jason, and Chris  talk about the release of our new generation 3.0 Morebeer! BrewSculptures.
May - We have a great new format. This month learn about our new kegging information with Chris Graham.
April - Learn about our new Wine Making Paper
February - Meet with Casey, our MoreCoffee! Brand Manager
January - Meet with Brad, our in house programmer and avid brewer


December - Happy Holidays from the MoreBeer! Staff. This month we talk to our Inventory Systems Manager, Dan Lipscomb.
November - We have a special interview with owner Olin Schultz, founder of MoreBeer!
September - An Interview with Randy Griggs, the Production Manager.
August - An Interview with Jesse Warren, the Concord Assistant Showroom Manager.
July - We Interview our Customer Service Manager Robin Wada.
June - We Interview our Shipping Manager Genny Blewett.
May - An Interview with Jason Petros, our Fermentap Brand Manager, on temperature control.
April - We interview Tristan Johnson, our MoreWine! Brand Manager, on getting into winemaking.
March - An interview with our BrewSculpture Guru Regan Dillon
February - We interview NorCal Showroom Manager and California Homebrewer of the year, Jon Plise
January - An introduction to MoreBeer's history and current warehouse expansion