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Get to Know MoreBeer!

MoreBeer! Is comprised of a group of people who are very passionate (obsessed?) about making beer at home.  Since 1995 we have been pushing the message that you can make great beer starting with your very first batch, and with just a little practice you can make World Class beer at home.  This is not a “mix the can with water and add sugar” type of homebrewing experience.

For the beginning brewer we expose you to just enough equipment and information to make great beer with batch #1.  Everyone is always surprised with how easy it is. We’ve taught thousands and we know the basic requirements to make great beer.

However,  MoreBeer! differentiates itself by taking the hobby to levels that no one else does. We are the only “Homebrew” shop that has their own metal manufacturing warehouse where we create our own line of actual in-your-home, small-scale, professional breweries, systems we call BrewSculptures

While not everyone wants to put a full-on brewery in their house,  we are perfectly at ease servicing the twice a year, relaxed brewer as we are taking the obsessed nut all the way into professional brewing, via our pro division MoreBeer! Pro where we sell very large commercial equipment to major breweries. 

We have gathered an amazing crew of homebrewers and beer enthusiasts to carry the message of MoreBeer! to the masses.  

Olin Schultz:  Founder and Head of Marketing for MoreBeer!, he has taught thousands of people how to brew beer at home. Olin brews on a B3-500 BrewSculpture.

Chris Graham:  MoreBeer! partner and our Chief Operations Officer, CG has been brewing for longer than he cares to admit.  He is our BrewSculpture Specialist and in-house IT Wizard.

Darren Schleth:  The manager of our Metal Shop, Darren is in charge of anything that is welded, bent, formed, or assembled.  He has a 2050 BrewSculpture at home and tests some of our new equipment on it.  Lucky guy ...

Genny Blewett: Has been with us since 2003 starting as our fulfillment manager. She's now in charge of all in-house graphics and marketing materials, including our catalogs.  

Rob Arbagey:  Rob is an award winning brewer that has been with us in our Riverside location since 2002.  He now manages that location where he holds brewing classes every other Saturday.

Sean Cole:  Hired by our old friend Phil, Sean manages the Los Altos retail store.

Ryan Barto:  Our Customer Service Manager, Ryan brews great beer!  If you write or call us with a brewing question, most likely you will be speaking with this guy.

Matt Monroe:  Product and Sales Manager!  Company nice guy!  


Regan Dillon:  The original designer of the BrewSculpture series, a brewer since the early 80’s, Regan has the nickname “Mad Dog” for reasons we'd rather not mention.   MoreBeer's first customer!  An engineering genius!  Retired from MoreBeer 2011.

Jonathan Plise:  Jon has won many awards for his homebrew after starting with MoreBeer!, including the 2006 California Homebrewer of the year and medaling in the National Homebrew Competition.  He is the MoreBeer! Product and Sales Manager and has been with MoreBeer! since 2001.  Retired from MoreBeer 2012.