Chasing the Dream (Commercial Brewing)
By Mike Prejna

By Mike Prejna I love beer. Love, love, love it. And if you’re reading this, you probably love beer too.     My Story I have to admit I didn’t really love it at the very beginning. My first beer that was all mine, not just a sip of my dad’s,...

Going Pro
By Rich Michaels

By Rich Michaels After thirty years in the beer industry I am often asked about how to take the next steps towards becoming a professional brewer.  The industry continues to change and has become more competitive as the market has grown.  Here are some thoughts...  ...

The Process of Opening a Brewery with Side Gate Brewery
By MoreBeer!

On this episode of The Mash Up, Vito visits Side Gate Brewery in Concord, CA to talk to owners Paul and Kevin about the journey of opening their brewery. The conversation starts with their decision and inspiration to start Sidegate, then moves into creating a business plan and securing funding...

Three Major Considerations before Going Pro
By Garrett Dean

By Garrett Dean Let’s Go Pro! You are a homebrewer who is considering turning professional. After all, who wouldn’t want to run their own brewery? What does it take to turn a hobby, albeit the best and most fun one of all, into a career? In my experience, there are...

Miscellaneous Quality Control Procedures, from Low-Tech to High
By Fal Allen and Jason Parker

The Microbrewery Laboratory Manual by Fal Allen and Jason Parker (Brewing Techniques) Many microbreweries are moving to a capacity that no longer qualifies them as microbrewers (whatever the current qualification of microbrewery may be). They have become regional breweries. At that...

Protecting Your Brewery’s Intellectual Property
By Scott Garrison (Brewing Techniques)

by Scott Garrison (Brewing Techniques)     You have insurance on your car and on your brewery equipment — why not on the fruits of your labor? If you create recipes, invent gadgets, or come up with a great name for your beer or brewery, protecting your rights...