What is a Centrifuge and how it makes clear beer.
By Aditya Vichare

By Aditya Vichare Some beer enthusiasts will say a beer with greater clarity that has been through proper filtration will taste better. How one filters beer has been a topic of debate for quite a long time, but one thing has remained clear (no pun intended), less additives have a...

Simple Ways To Beating Homebrew Haze
By Don Put (Brewing Techniques)

By Don Put (Brewing Techniques)     Simple Low-Tech Methods for Beating Homebrew Haze   In an ideal world, our home-brewed beer should remain clear, develop a nice, stable head, and have a consistent flavor profile. In the real world, it takes a few...

Techniques and Technologies for Clarifying Homebrew
By Jim Busch (Brewing Techniques)

By Jim Busch (Brewing Techniques) When Beer Must Be Clear     Clear beer is primarily achieved by removing yeast and minimizing the production of haze-producing compounds during the brew session. When these preventive measures can’t do the job, filtration...