Making Kombucha at Home


By Joe Smahl
All of the ingredients for making Kombucha
By now, you’ve probably encountered kombucha in one way or another. Even if you’ve never tried it for yourself, you’ve probably seen bottles of it being sold in your local grocery store or seen it mentioned online. This healthy fermented beverage has been brewed for decades in cultures all over the world, but has only recently become commercially available with a rapid rise in interest. Kombucha is often highly regarded for its distinct taste, which is a balance of sweet and sour, and is also often flavored with fruit. It’s also beloved because it's a much healthier alternative to soft drinks and other carbonated beverages, and as a great source of probiotics, which promote gut-health. Best of all, kombucha can be easily made at home, as it only requires a few ingredients and pieces of equipment. 

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