Fresh Malt Extract = Great Beer!


While there are many important factors that go into successful beer making at home, using fresh malt extract is very close to the top of the list.We go to great lengths to make sure our malt extract is the freshest in the industry.  First, we limit our selection to ensure that what we do sell moves very quickly.  Second, our own driver picks up product weekly. Third, we package all malt extract in oxygen-barrier, foil bags so the product stays fresher, longer. 

We receive a lot of great feedback (and numerous emails of awards won) on the freshness of our beer making ingredients. Plus our prices for Liquid Malt Extract is one of the lowest, if not the lowest, on the web. Combing great quality with great prices and a free shipping policy over $59 and we have stuck a winning combination.  Please give them a try, we know you will be back.


Why is your malt extract so Fresh?
First of all we are talking mostly about liquid malt extract. Dried Malt Extract has a longer shelf life and freshness is usually not as much of a factor. In the San Francisco Bay Area there are Malt Extract manufacturers and distributors.  We pick ours up weekly, or sometimes the manufacturer will deliver.  Thus we rarely have our extracts in stock for more than 1 week.  This alone makes a huge difference.  It also factors into our low cost because we have no shipping cost into our warehouse.

How do you Keep your Malt Extract Fresh?
On some days we literally sell thousands of pounds of Malt Extract.  This is quite a change from our early days.  We are embarrassed to say our first drum of Malt Extract took 9 months to sell when we first started in 1995!  So part of our secret is moving large volumes and being in a geographically perfect place for purchasing Malt Extract on a weekly basis.  The next secret is in the packaging.

How do you package your Malt Extract?
Now we have a full time employee packing malt extract and have purchased and improved a new system for packaging. In step 1 of this process a drum is opened and it is connected to a pressurized Nitrogen line. Then the entire drum of Malt Extract is packaged at that time.  This ensures that there are never opened drums sitting around in our warehouse.  Next, the Malt Extract is sucked out of the drum by a very unique all-stainless pump and pushed through a closed system into a foil bag that sits on an electronic scale.  When the exact weight is reached the system shuts off automatically. The foil bag is then immediately ran through a sealing system. 

Our Unique Foil Bags
For years we looked for the ideal packaging solution for Liquid Malt Extract and we are happy to have found it.  These foil bags are great because through multiple layers of foil and food-grade plastic they keep oxygen out, which keeps the Malt Extract fresher longer, and also extends the shelf life.  The bags are also very thick and very tough and have the lowest rate of shipping failure we have ever had.  We think they are also very convenient to get Malt Extract out of – which is kind of important!  Because they have a wide mouth and are flexible, you can roll them up like a tube of toothpaste.  Check out the video in our video sectino that shows partner Chris Graham removing Malt Extract from these bags.

Your Prices for Liquid Malt Extract are the best on the Web!
We have always had the lowest prices for bulk malt extract. And… we ship all of our Malt Extract free when you purchase over $59 worth of product.  We do have some natural cost savings being close to suppliers but we also save quite a bit of money packaging this product ourselves.  We pass these savings on.  We feel that is the back bone of homebrewing.  It is what keeps home brewing affordable and much cheaper than buying commercial beers.  Our secret is to get you brewing often and then you hopefully pick up some other supplies here and there!

How does All-Grain Brewing compare to Brewing with Malt Extracts?
Many beer makers who are starting out ask if  All-Grain brewing makes the best homebrew. While the potential to make mind-blowing beer is an obtainable reality, there are also more ways to mess it up. In All-Grain brewing the brewer cracks grain the day of, or the day before, the brew and mixes it with 165 degree water. This process is called Mashing.  Mashing activates the enzymes, which break the starch into sugar. The sugar is then rinsed out into the brewing kettle during the Sparging Process. When everything goes correctly, nothing can be fresher.  In All-Grain brewing the most common problems are incorrectly milled (cracked) malted barley, incorrect water temperatures, and neglect of procedures.  If you are the adventurous sort who wants to take the hobby to the zenith, you should definitely check out our MoreBeer! Brewing Sculptures. But rest assured that you do not have to plunge into all-grain brewing immediately, if ever, as excellent, award-winning, beer can be made from either Liquid Malt Extract or Dried Malt Extract. 

Is brewing with Malt Extract good enough that I might win Awards?
Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of our customers would be glad to tell you that you can.  Home made beer from our Malt Extracts or Beer Ingredient Kits have won awards at the highest levels.  Check out some of our Testimonials over the last 13 years.  And while All-Grain brewing can be a bit like a big light to a house fly, brewing with extracts is definitely more a sure thing.  If this is your first time brewing you will be surprised how good the beer is.  Perhaps even blown away…

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