Why Use a Pro Brite Tank?


Pro Brite Tanks Help Clarify and Free up Unitanks


A Professional Jacketed Brite Tank


Some of our customers going pro have asked why they should use a brite tank as opposed to just buying more Uni Tanks (Conical Fermenters). While situations and brewing styles vary we did our best to answer some of those questions here. 


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Free up Fermenters

If you are bottling, canning, or kegging a brewery will typically have one brite tank for every 4-5 fermenters. Beer will usually spend 2 days in a brite tank to clarify and adjust carbonation levels while most fermenters hold the beer for 10-20 days. 


Clarity + Get Every Last Drop!

A Brite Tank allows for greater clarity while allowing you to transfer off the yeast in a more complete way. When you pull the yeast out of a conical you leave a layer of yeast on the walls and in the cone. That yeast discourages other yeast from flocking out due to the like charges which has a significant effect on beer clarity. A MoreBeer! Pro Brite tank has a 5 degree dished bottom which causes the final yeast that flocculate out to stay on the bottom and not find its way into the final beer, be it packaged or on draft. This is also why brew pubs choose to draw directly from brite tanks to the taps. Draw clear beer to the end! 


Refill a Brite Tank up to 10x Before Cleaning

Brite tanks are often kept pressurized  through the filling and draining up to 10 times before being fully emptied and drained. They are not required to be cleaned like fermenters because they do not develop the same krausen line. This saves considerable time and co2. 


Brite Tank Beer Volume Can Be Easily Measured

You will typically yield 100% of the beer in a Brite tank which helps you plan for packaging. A conical tank will always leave some portion of the beer behind as you are  typically drawing from the racking arm and the yeast sediment levels will vary. You never know exactly how much beer you are getting. Because of the known volumes brite tanks can also be handy for tax determination.

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