Tips for Brewing Mexican Lagers with GABF Gold Medal Winners Barebottle Brewing


This is The Mash Up! Vito Delucchi from MoreBeer! visits Lester and Magic from Barebottle Brewing Co. in San Francisco to discuss their GABF Gold Medal winning Mexican Lager, Torcido! They go over the history of Mexican Lagers and tips for brewing them, talks about their history as homebrewers, and answers rapid fire questions!

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On Episode 2 of The Mash Up, Vito from MoreBeer! visits Lester and Magic from Barebottle Brewing Co. in San Francisco California to discuss their GABF Gold Medal Winning Mexican Lager, Torcido. Torcido is now available as a MoreBeer! recipe kit, so learn some amazing tips on the Mexican Lager style from the brewers themselves! 

Barebottle Brewing was started by homebrewers, and they continue to have a homebrewing ethos at the center of their company. For example, they put their beer recipes on their cans and bottles, and they scale them down to 5 gallon batches just for homebrewers! There's a lot of great discussion about why they publish their beer recipes, and what their goal for the brewing industry is. 

They also discuss using Viking Malt in Torcido, and why it was the perfect malt for what they aimed to achieve with this beer, and how it helped them win gold at GABF. As a result, they were the first brewers inducted into the Viking Malt Hall of Fame! 

Plus, there's a lot of amazing discussion about what the craft beer industry is right now, and where it might be going. They end the interview with a round of beer related rapid fire questions, including discussing the next big beer style, and why lagers might be making a resurgence. If you love craft beer and brewing, you're going to love this discussion!


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