Choosing the Right Beer Kit


The MoreBeer!™ mission is to provide reliable equipment and quality ingredients to make the brewing experience successfuland satisfying. We’ll get you the tools to start brewing the way we wish we had started. We offer five levels of Personal Brewery Beer Kits™ ranging from $69 to $450. Beer Kits™ #1 and #2 are partial systems, based on the assumption that you already have part of the equipment needed to brew. These two systems allow you to gain brewing experience for a very low initial cost, then upgrade as you go along. Systems #3, 4 & 5 are complete and readyto-go PersonalBreweries™ Systems #4 or #5 use the full-boil method of brewing. Full-boil allows you to brew faster and more easily, resulting in better beers.

As you browse through our catalog and website, you’ll discover we offer the expert knowledge base and excellent customer service neededto help you from your first batch all the way into commercial brewing. Our experience has shown that if your first beer does not turn out great you won’t keep brewing. So, if you ever have a problem we’ll help solve it as quickly and accurately as possible. We want you to be a satisfied brewer and a satisfied customer.


Personal Home Brewery Beer Kit 1 - "Standard"

A very affordable beginning Personal Brewery™ built around an inexpensive plastic fermenter. Perfect for budget-minded Beginning Brewers. Our "Standard" Starter Beer Kit gets you started in homebrewing at a very affordable price. It is also the simplest system to use. Anyone can follow the step-by-step directions and produce really great beer with the first batch.

This upgradable system is designed around,two, food-grade plastic buckets that come with spigots mounted at their bottoms for quick, easy liquid transfers. You first ferment the beer in one bucket for two weeks, then transfer it into the second bucket at bottling time. An extra benefit of this System is that your buckets can stack one within another, saving you valuable space. This makes it a good choice for those who must brew in tight places. We do caution against storing heavy or sharp edgedequipment inside these buckets as that can lead to tiny scratches in the plastic where harmfulbacteria can thrive.

This low-cost Personal Brewery Beer Kit 1 includes all the basic stuff you’ll need for successful brewing, EXCEPT for 1) a 5 gallon BrewingKettle (which you may already have or can borrow 2) two cases of 22 oz Recappable Glass Beer Bottles and 3) a Beer Ingredient Kit for each batch you brew .

This upgradable Personal Brewery™ includes…
• 6 gallon plastic Fermenting Bucket, with Spigot
• Bucket lid with stopper and special hole for air-lock
• 6 gallon plastic Bottling Bucket, with Spigot
• Triple-scale Testing Hydrometer with Test Tube
• Hydrometer Jar
• Bottle Cleaning Brush
• 3–piece Air Lock
• Bottle Filler and 4’ food-grade plastic Transfer Tube
• Hand-Operated Bottle Capper and 50 Bottle Caps
• Star San Sanitizer for sanitizing equipment (4 oz.)
• Reusable nylon Steeping Bag
• Popular Reference Book – Home Beer Making III
• MoreBeer!’s MoreManual!™ – How to Brew Great Beer

Summary of Benefits:
• Very affordable, entry-level System
• No siphoning-hassle required
• Easy-to-lift buckets
• Plastic buckets will never break
• Lower weight/shipping cost for international orders

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Personal Home Brewery Beer Kit 2 - "Deluxe"

Features a long-lasting, clear carboy perfect for watching the fermentation process. Breweries #3, 4, & 5 are built upon this core system. MoreBeer!’s™ "Deluxe" Beer Kit  is identical to our Standard System, except that it replaces one of the plastic buckets with a superiorcarboy and a siphon set-up for only $30 more. Barring accidents, carboys will last forever. While plastic buckets are an economical way to make beer, the carboys are easier to santize, allow visibility, and provide better a better oxygen barrier to reduce oxidation.

Over the years we have noticed that the vast majority of Beginning Brewers choose this Deluxe Beer Kit over our Basic System. We also know that most brewers who start with inexpensive, plastic fermenters eventually upgrade to carboys.

As with System #1, you will also need: 1) a 5 gallon Brewing Kettle, 2) two cases of 22oz Recappable Bottles, and 3) an Ingredient Kit for each batch you make.

This PersonalBrewery™ includes…
• 6 gallon Carboy Fermenter
• Two Stoppers (one solid, one with hole)
• Siphon assembly for liquid transfers
• 19” Stirring Spoon • 8” Funnel• 3–piece Air Lock
• 6 gallon plastic Bottling Bucket, with Spigot
• Triple-scale Testing Hydrometer
• Hydrometer jar
• Bottle Filler and 4’ of food-grade Transfer Tube
• Hand Capper & 50 Bottle Caps
• Carboy Cleaning Brush • Bottle Cleaning Brush
• Star San Sanitizer for sanitizing equipment (4 oz.)
• Reusable nylon Steeping Bag
• Popular Reference Book – Home Beer Making III
• MoreBeer!’s MoreManual!™ – How to Brew Great Beer in Under 6 Hours

Summary of Benefits
• You can watch the natural fermentation in-progess
• Save money now by not having to upgrade to carboys in the future

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Personal Home Brewery Beer Kit 3 - "Bottling Deluxe"

A complete, Partial-Boil PersonalBrewery™ including everything in #2, plus a 5-gallon stainless steel kettle, ingredients and bottles. This "Bottling Deluxe" Beer Kit 3 is our most popular Christmas & Fathers Day gift. You’ll receive Absolutely Everything! needed to brew really great beer when you purchase this complete Beer Kit. Just open the box, set it up, and start brewing that same day! Twentyeight days later you’ll be proudly sharing five gallons of fresh, delicious homebrew at your first New Brew Party. This proven System utilizes the Partial Boil brewing method, first boiling 3 gallons in the 5 gallon kettle, then adding 2–3 gallons of cold water to the fermenter. Ferment and bottle. Then enjoy!

About what’s included:  The quality stainless Kettle comes with a five year warranty (as do all stainless Kettles we sell)  A special, floating Brewer’s Thermometer eliminates the need to borrow  a thermometer out of the kitchen  Dry Yeast rather than Liquid Yeast, is part of this starter beer kit because the liquid form loses potency if not kept refrigerated  Light Ale ingredient kit, an excellent “Beginning Brew”. Light in color, but not in flavor, it always appeals to both domestic and microbrew-loving beer fans. Because this is our lowest-priced complete-with everything-system it’s an excellent gift for someone who’s eager to have their own Personal Brewery. In fact, more people buy these Beer Kit 3's as gifts than any other product we offer. Order today and begin brewing within a week.

This PersonalBrewery™ includes…
• Everything in Starter System No. 2, plus…
• 5 Gallon stainless steel Kettle
• 2 Cases of 22 oz recappable beer bottles
• Floating Brewer’s Thermometer
• Blonde Ale Kit (KIT133)

Summary of Benefits
• All the benefits of System #2
• 100% Complete with everything needed to brew beer
• The assurance of an excellent, high-quality System

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Personal Home Brewery Beer Kit 4 - "Bottling Super-Deluxe"

Start now with this complete, Full-Boil System and you may never upgrade your PersonalBrewery™ again! Get the preferred method & equipment for only $110 more. Our "Bottling Super Deluxe" Beer Kit  is for those who want the best now, and don’t want the hassle of upgrading later. If you’ve got funds available you can start brewing immediately with all the benefits of this System’s extra goodies. You’ll improve beer quality and make the brewing process easier, more professional and much more satisfying.

Like our Beer Kit #3, this Super Deluxe System includes Absolutely Everything™ you’ll need to make great beer — only faster, easier, and better. That’s because the additional cost enables you to make substantially improved beer with the Full Boil method (boiling all the liquid at once). The equipment included is much better, too:  The professional-quality 8 gallon kettle provides ample room to perform a full boil. The high-grade wort chiller allows you to boil and cool all 5 gallons of wort together (instead of only boiling 2–3 gallons and later topping-up with water at the end of the boil). It also chills your wort very quickly, thus taking a couple hours off your brew day  Our sleek, stainless kettle comes with a built-in Spigot allowing for super-easy transfers from Kettle to fermenter, eliminating the danger of lifting boiling-hot liquid  The kettle’s lid is precisely notched to accommodate the wort chiller’s copper coil, while still maintaining a tight-fit for a sanitary environment  This is truly a “get started right” PersonalBrewery™. Check our website for variations of this kit.

This Personal Brewery™ includes…
• Everything in Starter System No. 2, plus…
• 8 Gallon stainless steel Kettle with Spigot, eliminates lifting
• Wort Chiller (WC20) – saves time & energy, improves quality
• Brewer’s Thermometer – tells you what to do & when
• Two 9 x 12” fine mesh Hop Bags for protecting your brew
• Blonde Ale Kit (KIT133)
• 2 Cases of 22 oz Recappable Beer Bottles

Summary of Benefits
• All the benefits of Full-Boil brewing (see page 3)
• Increased beer quality
• Built-in Kettle Spigot eliminates the need for lifting & pouring
• The satisfaction of “Doing it right!,” from the very beginning.

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Personal Home Brewery Beer Kit 5 - "Kegging Super-Deluxe"

Dispense your personal brews professionally with this complete, high-quality Beer Kegging System. Beyond mere convenience, it’s a brewer’s ultimate showpiece. You’ll never get over the pride and joy of dispensing your beer from your keg right at home (or cabin/office/campsite/ball game!). Our "Kegging Super Deluxe" Beer Kit 5 comes with everything in our Bottling Super Deluxe Kit and our Homebrew Draft System (KEG400), providing everything you need to fill, carbonate and dispense fresh, cold beer on tap.

Of course, you will need to store your keg in a cool environment — ideally a used or new refrigerator. By law, the included CO2 tank has to ship empty, so you will need to have it filled locally (see Yellow Pages under Gas – Industrial, Medical, Welding Supplies). “Does life get any better than having your own homebrew on draft? No, it really doesn’t.” Certainly, kegging is much easier than bottling. But the deep, authentic satisfaction of owning a Kegging System arises when you ‘pull off’ a pint of your own creation and enjoy that “Damn, am I good!!” feeling. Self-esteem, pride of-accomplishment, happiness ... People search a lifetime for these intangibles, now, you can purchase them for a little over $400! In just 21 days you’ll be a fulfilled, successful brewer.

This Personal Brewery™ includes…
• Everything in Starter System No. 4,plus…
• MoreBeer!’s Complete Kegging System (KEG400)

Summary of Benefits
• No time-consuming bottling process required
• Easier & cleaner to fill than bottles.
• Serving is super-fast, super-convenient, & super-cold
• Your favorite beer always available immediately — on draft!
• “Wow!” Always impresses friends, neighbors, associates!
• Extremely convenient for serving groups & gatherings
• Saves dispensing time for serving groups & parties,
• No Waste. Pour any volume you want, small or large.
• Completes and certifies your status as a Serious Brewer
• Provides a secure, continuous sense that “Life is Good!”

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