B3 All-In-One Brewing System

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MoreBeer! Does it!!!

For years the challenge has been put to the MoreBeer! staff. Use your hundreds of years of combined brewing knowledge to make the World’s best All-In-One Brewing System. The idea is a single vessel in which to brew, ferment, and serve delicious craft beer, the Holy Grail for system makers. At first we thought it would be an extension of our original BrewSculpture series. But as ideas started to leak out of our R&D lab and the revolutionary simplicity of the design struck home, we realized this is a system unlike any other, let’s call it a “new way” to guide homebrewing deep into the 21rst century.

The process of mixing extract or grain with water, adding hops and then fermenting with yeast remains the same as we honor tradition that has been handed down from century to century. We would love to tell you all the details about how the equipment works but after so much investment and time we have to be smart about it. However let’s just say that no expense was spared by our R&D department. MoreBeer! has led the way into many brewing innovations and this is no different. What will be obvious to you is that we did some pioneering research on the use of polyethylene plastic resins and related polymers in the brewing process. Second we revolutionized fermentation closing systems and CO2 off-gassing. Third we borrowed a long held, but never applied to brewing, dispensing method that after we thought of it one employee actually said “duh”.

While our initial product is humbly offered to the homebrewing community, larger commercial designs are surely soon to follow. The design will be equally suited to brewing at the Bud, Miller, Coors of the World as it will be in small personal breweries from Leavenworth, KS to Folsom, CA.

As a valued MoreBeer! customer we offer you this Sneak Peak and exclusive chance to Pre-Order.

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Brewing System Included Subparts
Brewing System In Fermenting Mode
Brewing System In Dispensing Mode

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