MoreFlavor! Testimonials

"The draft box was outstanding and so was JJ's pils. I set it up on the 10th tee at Silverado Country Club and was promoted to "god" status as a result. Very cold and clean tasting. That 's the ticket! Thanks for the great equipment and advice."

-- Mike M.    Clayton, CA

"Thanks so much for taking the time to show us around yesterday, and walking me thru the website- yer doing some great stuff and should be commended for your efforts! Again thanks- grerat customer service!"

-- Ron B.    Merced, CA

"I wanted to let you know the Santa Adelaida is splendid. I brewed some in the vac pot, and as always, made an awesome cup. "

-- Mike G.    Martinsburg, PA

"I never thought roasting my own coffee would be as easy and enjoyable as I've found it to be. The MoreCoffee/Beer folks have been great and I'm glad I've made the switch to roasting at home."

-- Christopher O.    Jemez Springs, NM

"Just so you know, I thought the customers service on your end was 1st rate. You replied to my e-mails very quickly and helped me out with faxing the information to Krups. That quality is hard to find nowdays. I will be placing more oders in the future."

-- James R.    Ponder, TX

"You guys have a terrific line of innovative stuff that's nice to see next to some of your more generic competitors. Keep up the good work!"

-- Jim S.    Ellicott City, MD

"I wanted to thank you and the staff for quickly fixing the problem. Within a very short time of reporting the problem, I received a new false bottom cut exactly as asked (and with a couple of hinges installed too to accomodate the tight fit!) Long story short - it worked wonderfully (almost too easy) and my first all grain batch is happily fermenting away."

-- Jeff L.    Oakley, CA

"I entered my first homebrew competition in Columbus OH this past month. I did not win, however, the judges gave my beer scores of 32 and 33. Not bad for an extract that cost $21.50 to make. The kit was your American Ale kit. They were impressed with the flavor and mouth feel. Overall, they said it was a very good beer which they enjoyed and improved as it warmed up. Thanks for great kits and great advice"

-- Fred L.    Dayton, OH

"Bless you! I really appreciate your quick response in this issue. I Love doing business with you folks; fine ingredients and fine service."

-- Bill F.    Arlington, VA

"I wanted to say thanks again for the help on my coffee pot problems. Now days it's easy to buy online or over the phone but service then is a different matter. You handled my problems quickly was great, courteously and quickly, how refreshing. Way to go!"

-- Jim M.    Cheyenne, WY

"BTW, your home roasting "starter kit" has changed my life! It's turned coffee into a total sensory experience. I've blown through the 3 LBs it came with & I consult the book almost daily."

-- Leo S.    New York, NY

"I want to thank you for all your help and information. Your guidance and patience, as well as your knowledge, have been great and freely shared!"

-- Mike O.    Fairfield, CA

"I wanted to say thank you for the "extra" work you put into my Fermentor! Such fine craftsmanship shows! I've got it sitting in my livingroom like a fine piece of Art! Making beer is going to be much more fun!"

-- Doug D.    Encinitas, CA

"Regarding the Rootbeer. Thanks for suggesting the Mr.Fizz seltzer bottle, works great! And it came in handy for whipping up a little rootbeer for my son's 4th grade class (they were doing 'how-to' reports, and Jamie wanted to show how to brew beer.... we settled on root beer, heh.) For a little sample, the Mr. Fizz was perfect."

-- Jim D.    Danville, CA

"Wow! I started using your 1000ml yeast starter a couple of batches ago and was immediately impressed with the reduced lag times I got (from 6-10 hours down to around 3-4). I just brewed my first batch using a yeast starter in conjunction with your magnetic stir plate and I'm totally blown away! I'd say the lag time between pitching yeast and onset of fermentation was less than ten minutes! I don't know if these results are typical, but the stir plate was well worth the investment to me."

-- Dan S.    Nashville, TX

"Just wanted to thank you guys for the great product. My first kit ordered from you (and my second beer overall) was your nut brown ale. It came out great! My friends kept coming back for more and it was all I could do to hide a couple of bottles for a local homebrew competition. Well, the results are in, and for my first effort, I got 3rd place! Comments from the judges included, "fresh malt taste, great color, superb clarity, and nice drinking beer." Keep up the good work and the great products!"

-- Glen K.    Grand Junction, CO

"Thanks - You guys really do have GREAT service. Rest assured you'll keep getting my business!"

-- Rod T.    Sacramento, CA

"The Whirley Popper is a great way for a curious beginner to start out in the craft of roasting coffee. I was very pleased with the results from my first batch. It's also great for popcorn, it puts that microwave stuff to shame!"

-- Vince G.    Concord, CA

"We just cracked into our first batch of light ale that came with your B3 kit. It is the best beer we have had in long time!! It was very easy to follow the process with your step by step instructions, the only hard part was waiting. Not only is your online support exceptional but your web page is very user friendly. Keep up the good job and I'll be sure to pass your name around to some potential brewers at my work."

-- Eric & Kris S.    Salem, OR

"I just wanted to let you know that one of your staff has just recently solved my first beer-brewing problem very satisfactorily. Surprisingly, you guys still picked up the phone at what I'm pretty sure is 8pm your time, and after listening to my problem, offered to send me a new yeast kit along with a package of light ale."

-- John S.    Santa Fe, NM

"I'm one of those guys who puts a lot of stock in good customer service. You took care of my problem with no questions asked, however, and I think that's pretty conscientious service from the complete other side of the country."

-- James Y.    Columbia, SC

"Just wanted to thank you for that small gesture, and to let you know that I will not be looking for another home brew supplier unless you all go out of business. Expect more orders from me in the near future, along with recommendations of your business to anyone I know interested in home brewing."

-- Matt W.    Jacksonville, FL

"While surfing for other suppliers last fall, I came upon and was impressed with the way you described your ingredient kits and the extensive choice and quality of equipment. Not knowing whether it was fluff or not, I ordered ingredients for a batch of Irish Red Ale along with a bottling tree. Well, let me tell you, I was more than pleasantly suprised. As I was brewing, I knew something was very different from my other kits. The aroma from the wort was just fantastic. Even more amazing was the aroma released during primary fermentation. The CO2 discharge from the tank was strong and flavorful. I had never smelled anything this wonderful from my other batches, and this was the exhaust! At this point, I knew it was going to be a good batch, and I hadn't even the tasted the stuff yet. And of course, when it was ready to drink, it was by far the best batch of brew I had made to date. And not by a little bit, either. I estimate it was twice as good as the next best that I had done. So overwhelmed, I still didn't know whether this was hopeful thinking or personal bias. I put it to the test. I recently entered the Irish Red Ale into a regional home brew show in the Pittsburgh area. Because there was no "Irish Red" category, I placed it in the closest category, American Style Ale. Lo and behold, I placed second place in the category! I was extremely proud, but even more so that the guy who placed first won best of show with his entry. So actually, I might have been one of the tops brews in the whole bloody match! Equally as impressive was the fact that there were a whole lot of veterans in the competition and this was my first year. Also, I'm still brewing in a plastic bucket primarily with extracts, so I know there's a whole lot of room for improvement for me. To me this just goes to show how important quality ingredients make in the process! Thank you, Beer, Beer & More Beer. You've brought new meaning to my life."

-- Mike P.    Carnegie, PA

"I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt response to my question about brewing instructions for your mini-mash Octoberfest. I finished it today. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow."

-- Michael M.    Knoxville, TN

"I am so glad I stumbled upon your web site. Since then, my life in the brewing world has changed dramatically. I love your system, and your customer service has been more than helpfull. I look forward to the on-going business relationship."

-- Jaime R.    West Valley City, UT

"You rule!!! Simple as that!!! When an outfit provides a customer with the product and service as you do it seems to good to be true, but its not. You are VERY service orientated, something most businesses have forgotten about."

-- Bill C.    Great Falls, MT

"First, thanks for the excellent service. It is rare today in any industry. Your site is one of the easiest sites to navigate and your catalog is not only quite complete, it is also informative."

-- Kenneth B.    Panama City Beach, FL

"It was this time last year that I placed an order for the B3-1500 with a SMART system. Although it took some time longer than I expected to construct and deliver, it is simply remarkable. After 6 brews this fall and winter I can very safely say the beer quality is every bit as good as my former 5-gallon kitchen-bound all-grain system. Thank you for the attention to detail and the quality, as a former (some would say recovering) engineer, I could not have done it better myself!"

-- Michael G.    Wauwatosa, WI

"Outstanding! From the initial boil, I just had a feeling this was going to be a great beer. The fresh aroma of the grains steeping in the brew kettle gave a little hint of what was to come in my Nut Brown Ale extract kit. The directions were easy to follow and the whole process was quick and easy. As the fermenting began, the smell of the beer was wonderful. Then at bottling, I got my first taste and knew the best was yet to come. The two weeks between bottling and drinking seemed to drag forever, but at last I was rewarded! I would put this beer up against any commercial brew. For just my second batch of beer, I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for the great, fresh and delicious product!"

-- Glen K.    Grand Junction, CO

"You guys have a great website. It is user friendly, has all the equipment I could ever want, and is fun to look through!! I just submitted a catalog request for the times I'm in rush hour traffic, and will definitely be ordering all of my supplies from your company from now on- wow, you guy's make a great first impression!!"

-- Anthony R.    Aliso Viejo, CA

"I have just received my first order from More Beer. Thank you for your prompt service. Ordering from your website was a breeze, nice layout and ordering procedures."

-- Jerry F.    Genoa, IL

"I just had to send an E-mail to tell you that whoever set up your sight did a great job. This is one of the few sights that are really user friendly and I'm sure it helps your business."

-- Glenn A.    Tiverton, RI

"I appreciated the concern expressed when I alerted you to the fact that my first order with your company contained pellets rather than the whole hops I ordered. The quick delivery of the whole hops and concern over the error converted me from a customer that would probably give you a second chance, to a very satisfied customer waiting only for the extra spending money until placing my next order with you. I would also like to let you know that I check your site much more frequently than some of your competitors due to the attention that you give to updating it frequently. "

-- Andy B.    East Lansing, MI

"I just received your catalog in the mail last night and I am still drooling. Although I have yet to order from the website or the catalog, I must compliment you folks on the quality of each. I have been a home-brewer for over 10 years and in that time I moved up to all-grain brewing. Nowhere have I seen the selection of hardware that you have to offer."


"Wow! I got your catalog yesterday. I'm really impressed! You really have some great supplies and a wonderful shipping policy. I'll have to share the catalog with my brewing buddies. I'm sure that I, we, they, will want to put in an order."

-- Ken R.    Olympia, WA

"Just received the new and improved catalog from you all!!!! I must say that I am extreeeeeeeeeeemly impressed!!!! This is Jim out here in Missouri, and I have to say that you all have a life long customer as your service, products and support are second to none!!! There is a home brew store less than an hour away from me and sure I could give them my business, but why??? You're prices and products kick their asses and that is why I say that you all have a customer for life!!! Happy brewing and expect to have a mess more orders from me!!!!"

-- Jim L.    Jackson, MS

"Not only do you have an exceptional product but exceptional customer service as well. I thank you."

-- Lauren V.    Earlham, IA

"I am very impressed on the speed in which I received my order. The packaging is also very impressive. If the service received so far is any indication as to the quality of the ingredients, you can count on my repeated business."

-- Donavon S.    Grants Pass, OR

"I recently sampled the results of one of your kits....(IPA #2) and just want to say that I love it. Great instructions and packaging and of course, results. Great taste. I think that I am back now using kits. Thanks to you. Keep up the great work. Truly, you are the best home-brewing supplier that I have had the opportunity to deal with."

-- Bob S.    Austin, TX

"You guys rule...enjoy the season and thanks for providing such a great service."

-- Steve K.    Sacramento, CA

"Just wanted everyone to know how great your follow up service is. Thanks guys, you really understand what service is all about!!"

-- Dave G.    Prior Lake, MN

"I just wanted to say thank you to everyone there for all the help they have given me. I know that I have called several times asking questions and stuff, but I really do appreciate all the help and cooperation from everyone."

-- Travis N.    Elko, NV

"Thank you for offering what I believe to be high quality ingredients at affordable prices."

-- Stanley G.    LaCrosse, WI

"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I appreciate the level of service you have given me so far with my dealings with B3. I appreciate your patience and your suggestions in helping me design my present brew system. All aspects of my shopping experience are class A. I look forward to doing more business in the future as I learn and do different things with my brewing hobby."

-- Jimmy O.    Huntsville, AL

"What a hobby and what a provider. Hats off to whitelabs and B-3"

-- Robert H.    Crown Point, IN

"I really enjoy the process of making my own beer at home. Before I started homebrewing, I searched the entire internet for the best place to purchase equipment and supplies. More Beer, by far, has the best quality and prices on their products. I thank each and every one of your employees."

-- Robby C.    Dublin, TX

"My son bought me a 5 gal. all-grain brewing system for my birthday three years ago and we started brewing great beer starting with the first batch. The system was so well engineered it made brewing almost foolproof. The staff at MoreBeer was always a phone call away, seven days a week, to answer my rookie questions. As of this writing the Sunnyside Brewhouse has seven different ales on tap. Our quality has improved to the point where we expect to rival the great Jamil in the upcoming brewing competitions. "

-- Bob C.    Janesville, CA

"I have made many purchases from Beer, beer, and more beer over the years and have found it to the best web site for beer products and prices. I have recommended your site to many friends and had it recommended to me many times. Thank you, keep up the good work."

-- William G.    Three Rivers, MI

"I must say, I have been more than satisfied with your kits and snappy shipping. Thanks alot! There is nowhere around here that is any more convenient. I held a successful benefit for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society with a beer tasting of 4 of your kit beers and some enchiladas. It raised $1000 for a very good cause and 80 people got a good buzz to boot! Everyone liked the beer. So good on you I say. Thanks,"

-- John W.    Hebron, MD

"The item arrived today. Thank you very much for your immediate attention. I will be able to include this with my husband's Father's Day present after all. This is how I judge a business. Any company can process orders, but it's when customer service becomes involved that a business shows it's true colors. I'm very impressed with how this was handled and will not only continue to do business with you but will recommend your company to others. Thanks! "

-- Susan O.    , PA

"Thanks for the on time delivery. I have been dealing with you since 1995, and you have always been the best! Keep up the good work! "

-- Joe S.    Hayes, VA

"I consider my 12.2 gallon externally temperature controlled conical the single most important piece of equipment in my brewery. Being able to have pinpoint control of fermentation temperature, faster ferments, and the ability to dump trub out the bottom contributed much to my success in 2002. Thank you MoreBeer! Jamil Zanaisheff, California (California Homebrewer of The Year, 2002) (Winner of over 150 brewing awards in 2002 alone)"

-- Jamil Z.    Elk Grove, CA

"Thanks beer beer for all the GREAT HELP in getting this 1.5BBL Home brewery up and running. You Guys Rock Give a man a Beer and he will waste an hour Teach a man to Brew and he will waste a lifetime!!!!! "

-- Joe N.    Cashmere, WA

"Hi Beer, Beer & More Beer, Anyone that gives back to the industry/hobby that they supply is revered. MoreBeer seems to give more than their share. At the 13th Annual Southern California Homebrewers Festival you donated a BrewSculpture to the raffle. I am the very proud winner of that Sculpture. Six years ago my sons started brewing kit beer. At that time the BrewSculpture was the pinnacle of home brewing, today it is the Icon of home brewing. Thank you very much for your donation to the Festival. "

-- Steve H.    Fullerton, CA

"Without a doubt this is the best customer service that I have ever experienced in any industry, no wonder you guys have grown so much. My first batch of More beer should be done in another 2 1/2 to 3 weeks (the waiting is the worst part) so I will be sure to let you guys know how it comes out. "

-- Bruce D.    Bathesda, MD

"Guys- I just 'graduated' from brewing with malt extract to All-Grain and I am truly amazed at the difference in the quality of my beers. About 5 years ago I started Extract Brewing. Friends and family loved it and compliments would flow. After a while I decided to get an unbiased opinion and entered my American Pale Ale in a nationally sanctioned AHA competition. I took 3rd place with my very first entry! I took a few more awards in the following year and was very content to continue extract brewing. I got a taste of All-Grain brewing and although the process was both interesting and enticing, I couldn?t justify the change from Extract Brewing ?or so I thought. For years I kept hearing the same thing about switching to All Grain. ?You can be more creative, brew a wider variety of styles and have so much more control over your beer, not to mention it?s a lot more fun!? they would say. Mike Milem?s [MoreBeer's Welder and a beer judge] comment of, ?Jim, if you brew like this with Extracts, just imagine what you could do with All-Grain!? was all I needed to push me over the edge. I am now the proud owner of a B3 2050! Beginning in February 2003, the beer I?ve made using this system is far superior to any of my Extract Beers. I am so amazed. I just won a second place with my first All-Grain Pale Ale in the Western Finals of the AHA National Competition! Wish me luck at Nationals! Not only am I making better beer ? but I love the process! Since I made the decision to upgrade, I decided to step up to 20 gallon batches so I could brew with my good friend Brandon Wilson. We both have so much fun cracking grains in our mill, adjusting pH, enjoying the aroma of the mash, and utilizing all of our specialized equipment to recirculate, sparge and adjust temperatures of the mash as necessary. All-Grain takes brewing to a new level. Life is good, Cheers! "

-- Jim R.    , CA

"Dear Jason & Casey and everyone else who helped me on Christmas eve, I can't stop talking about the best service I have ever received...and on a holiday too! Christmas eve, 10 minutes left in your shift, smack dab in the middle of your Christmas party, you and a few of your co workers helped get a gift certificate to my father in law on time for Christmas! Otherwise it would have arrived the day after and left me explaining why. The phone rang, and a real person answered! no menu or voice message, and the person was cheerful and happy and friendly. I was immediately transferred to customer service again very cheerful and friendly. Doing me the favor of downloading that days internet orders and helping it get sent on time which is where I think you came in. Thank you all! please send this to those people who helped me and to your employers as well. They should know what a great staff they have! Happy new years! "

-- Jenni A.    , CA

"I thank you for the excellent customer support as that is not necessarily the case these days from all companys. "

-- Tim P.    Grass Valley, CA

"You Guys have the best website I have ever seen. You have stuff I have never even thought of. You guys have the best descriptions. Whoever did your website...its the best! "

-- Gary M.    New York, NY

"Hi, I've ordered many, many, (one more time) many items from you in the past. Your very, very, (one more time) very personal responses have greatly impressed me. "

-- Ken V.    Greer, SC

"Love your kits! Can't believe making beer could ever be so easy. Thanks and keep up the great work! "

-- Jim C.    Elk Grove, CA

"Cheers to the designers of my Brewing Sculpture and your excellent staff. Now my total All-Grain brew hours are approximately 5 1/2 (non-panic), just a little mess on the floor and only the occasional phone call!"

-- Phil W.    Minden, NV

"I just got your new catalog in the mail today. All I can say is KICK ASS. I haven't had this much fun reading about beer equipment since I read Papazian's book 10 years ago! Well done, the best catalog I have ever seen by far! "

-- Nate H.    Goose Creek, SC

"Thanks to the Sculpture, I enjoy brewing here in Japan! I recommend B3 for you & let's enjoy brewing with us! Thank you, Cheer's "

-- Yoshitaka F.    Japan,

"Though I'd drop you a wee note from Bonnie S to say 'thanks for an excellent service'. A recent order I placed with you just arrived after only seven days. Unbelievably it arrived before an order I placed with a local company (60 miles away.) We are looking forward to using the filter system Thanks again to all your staff! "

-- Don R.    Scotland,

"Let me just say that over the last couple of years you have never failed to impress me with your excellent customer service. You have always left me with a smile at the end of the phone call. I work in sales myself and find it refreshing to hear professionals every time I call, and of course, the primary times that I call will be when I have some sort of problem. I would just like to thank you staff for making me a customer for life. "

-- Michael S.    Independence, OR

"Thanks for the help and keep up the great work... You folks are head-and-shoulders above any of the other mail order beer&wine suppliers that I've seen out there! Sincerely, "

-- Monty L.    Allentown, PA

"Much thanks to the B3 Staff for sitting down and making a Florida boy feel at home last Saturday. We Floridians may not be able to get our voting right but hopefully with your support, our beers will be great. Cheers! "

-- Jack K.    Lighthouse Point, FL

"Ordered on Friday evening, received Tuesday - thanks very much! "

-- Rowan B.    Sydney, AU

"Thanks for your prompt shipments and thanks for having such a complete line in your catalog. Bam! "

-- Dan G.    ,

"Thanks for the great service on my last order!! You guys are TOP NOTCH!! "

-- James W.    Cordova, TN

"You guys have absolutely the BEST prices, I feel like a true beer scientist now! "

-- Chris M.    Ft. Collins, CO

"Just bought the Kitchen Sink. Think it is great, as well as your customer service. I emailed a few questions to you guys and got a response in a matter of hours. Thanks "

-- David D.    Chino Hills, CA

"I have ordered from you on several occasions. I am very pleased with your products and service. I live in semi- rural New York State and find that your "free shipping" makes all the difference in the world. Please don't drop your free shipping! You asked for feedback from me after my last order that I placed over the internet. Everything worked great! I had no trouble placing the order. Your interface and instructions were easy to follow. I think your malty brown ale intermediate kit is the best brown ale I have tasted--bar none! I will order it again and again."

-- Ted B.    Horseheads, NY

" always I can depend on your and your staff to do the right thing for customers and keep them happy/ coming back for more business!! Thanks again!! "

-- Steve S.    ,

"Received my replacement carboy today... in perfect shape. I want to thank you again for the very professional and expedient manner in which you handled this. You guys are great! "

-- Ed P.    Nipoma, CA

"Just roasted my second batch of Kenya Peaberry Gethumbwini. This stuff is awesome!! It strongly resembles a Panama Geisha IMHO. The flavor intensifies as the cup cools; delicious citrusy flavors with a hint of spice and awesome acidity, just a great, great cup of coffee!! Keep acquiring the good coffee."

-- Mike G.    Martinsburg, PA

"Good morning folks, Forgot to ask the name of the guy who helped me out over the phone this morning, but both he and Robin were great in sorting this out, and I just wanted to thank them both for that. Not every day you get people who know how to help and more importantly, are willing to help. Thanks again!"

-- Mike M.    MIami, FL

"You guys are awesome.! You shipped my order the same day I placed it, have great packaging and great coffee. I was delighted to see that you have included the coffee characteristics on the label. You read my mind on that one. Its nice to deal with folks who work hard to satisfy their customers. Many Thanks for a job well done... "

-- David M.    Castle Rock, WA

"I recently placed an order and was shipped the wrong yeast. I called and your customer service folks took care of it immediately no questions asked and shipped out the correct yeast that same day. I wanted to say thank you for providing great customer service and that you'll certainly get my business again in the future."

-- Paul G.    Wichita, KS

"Your shipping never ceases to amaze me! Once again, I placed an order in this morning and will receive delivery tomorrow and it was free! I can now go to sleep after a stressful day and think about coming home tomorrow after work, pouring myself a home brew and opening my box of new stuff. Thanks."

-- Bill S.    San Rafael, CA

"I ordered two better bottles and carboy caps from about a week ago to be shipped to New Zealand. I received them day before yesterday. I would just like to say that the service, speed and extremely painless order was fabulous. Definitely the best service I have had from an online vendor, international or local. No doubt I will be ordering again in the near future. Thanks, and keep up the good work."

-- Glen S.    New Zealand,

"I just wanted to thank you all for running such a great business. I love the option of free shipping. My items are always shipped quickly and are packaged well so that nothing is broken on receipt.Your staff is friendly and helpful. The beer ingredients are fresh, affordable and produce incredible beers. I am from Portland, Oregon so there are plenty of places I could go to buy my ingredients and equipment locally, however, I opt to buy from you guys because of your superior prices and quality. I own one of your B-250B all grain systems (circa 2000) that is a true workhorse. Keep up the good work!"

-- Eric G.    Portland, OR

"Thanks so much for your fast reply on the warrenty of my crusher motor. I talked to you on Tuesday and had the motor in hand by Thursday in time for the weekend crush. Your no hassle warrenty attitude was really refreshing. Thaks again!"

-- Paul B.    Elk Grove, CA

"I am new at roasting coffee, and bought my starter kit from "MoreCoffee". I found the staff very helpful in helping me select the right roaster for me as well the initial green coffees to try. Since then, I have purchased a variety of green coffees from all over the world as well as a new coffee grinder. I sincerely have appreciated the help as well as the prompt shipping and deliveries form "MoreCoffee" and will continue to count on them for my green coffee supply."

-- John B.    Garden Grove, CA

"Thank you VERY much for acting so quickly. It's always a pleasure doing business with your folks. Warmest regards"

-- John W.    Mission Viejo, CA

"Just a note to let you guys know that you're awesome! When are you opening an Orange County Store? :-)"

-- Scott .    Buena Park, CA

"I want you to know that I think that MoreBeer is a first-class act; one of the very brightest stars in the homebrewing skies. Right now I'm in the process of building a brew sculpture from the ground up to help take my brewing to the next level. MoreBeer's diverse range of products and people like you help make it much easier for me. "

-- Vernon A.    Carrollton, TX

"Thanks again for the amazing service. You have made a life long customer. I have to use up my current ingredients, but I will be using you solely in the future. you have the fastest turnaround and response out of any service I have used... And your prices are great too!!! Keep up the great work, you make home brewing somewhat painless for beginners and experienced brewers alike. Thanks again. "

-- Adam T.    Deerfield Beach, FL

"I just wanted to let you know that your organization has the best service of any Internet shopping site I use. I?ve ordered several times from and just placed my first order from this morning. I was just notified that my order has already shipped. Now that?s great service. Also, I?ve emailed with questions I?ve had and the replies I?ve received have been quick and very helpful. Thanks to all your staff."

-- Randy C.    San Diego, CA

"Beer, More Beer rocks! Thanks,"

-- Ken S.    Intervale, NH

"You have the best customer service we have encountered in ages. Thanks so much."

-- Diana R.    Arlington, OR

"I bought a plate filter from you that I wanted to make some modifications to. Olin and Regan worked with me to pick up the unit, make the welding modifications as needed, and delivered it back to me free of charge. I was impressed with the dedication to customer service."

-- Ken L.    Carneros Wine Region, CA

"Just a note of thanks for getting my order out the door so quick! I know you didn't have to, so it's much appreciated. The best part is half the order is for a friend and his first time brewing. Hopefully I'll make it enjoyable for him and he'll become another one of your long-time customers."

-- Rob Z.    Arvada, CO

"Outrageous, I ordered yesterday, got my coffee before noon today, outstanding service. Thank you."

-- Dick S.    Redwood City, CA

"Rock on B3! More beer for me, as a home brew company- and literally."

-- Greg B.    Troy, VA

"Hi guys i just wanted to let you know that my mash tun and other bits and peices arrived this morning and im am absolutely wrapped with it and it also arrived in just under a week (posted to Australia) Thanks heaps for all your advice and the time you spent with me sending emails back and forth, we finally got there and i could not be happier, its an awesome little setup and i cant wait to put it to work.. "

-- Leigh M.    Mornington, AU

"I'm a new customer and have only placed a couple orders so far. I have been extremely impressed with you professionalism, prompt customer service, product quality and packaging. I look forward to a long Home brewing relationship...All the best...."

-- Bill P.    Land O' Lakes, FL

"My order arrived today, super fast, and I am so happy. I appreciate everything. Thanx"

-- Matt C.    Roanoke, VA

"Many thanks, I ordered last Friday and I got my products on Monday, that is what I call customer care. Thanks again."

-- Pablo H.    Gilroy, CA

"I would like to take this opportunity to commend your company on the excellent service, good communication and the speed of shipping (eight days from dispatch to arrival in southern Tasmania) is absolutely extraordinary, possibly faster than our own internal postal service. Your company has been highly recommended on our brewing site through the forum and I would not hesitate to reinforce that recommendation."

-- Brian G.    Woodbridge, AU

"I found the MoreBeer web site by accident, I'm so glad I did. I have wanted to make the move into all grain for a few years now but never thought I would. I'm saving so much money even with the freight and exchange rates then if I was to buy the equipment here [in Australia]."

-- Michael C.    Glebe NSW, AU

" A while ago I bought a stainless steel paddle with the holes drilled. After a long hiatus this year from brewing, I finally brewed up a Roggenbier using my "new" stainless steel paddle for the first time. It really worked great at getting my mash mixed and stirring my brewpot. I had been using a big poly spoon that was flimsy and had not been very effective stirring up a mash (always bending and feeling like it would snap in the pot as I heated my grain to my mash temperature to keep from scorching grain on the bottom of the pot). Your stainless steel (holed) paddle was like day over night from my old flimsy spoon. Thanks for such a great piece of useful equipment. I like brewing at a simple low tech equipment level and this is a very handy tool to have in my wort-bench that makes my heavy hands-on method of brewing a lot easier. Thought I'd pass along some positive feedback, I am very glad to have bought this item from you. Thanks! Ted "

-- Ted O.    ,

"As always you guys are great. Even when UPS makes a mistake you are all over it. Thank you. "

-- Brady B.    Coeur d'Alene, ID

"let's face it, you've got it together and understand retail! "

-- Gerald N.    Monroe, CT

"Offered a great solution to a problem with my order that I hadn't even considered. I'll definitely recommend MoreBeer to others. "

-- Chris E.    Parker, CO

"After my 3 gal Corny was damaged in shipping and it was determined none were left your sales associate Ryan gave me his personal keg instead. Aside from being a noteworthy sacrifice this exemplifies true professionalism. Thank you. "

-- Dusk B.    Los Angeles, CA

"I am very pleased with your products and your service. Your prices are competitive, and the fact that you care what I think is a big plus. It's hard to find good, courteous customer service these days. Your service and prices will help insure that I order from you again soon! "

-- Cindy O.    Lawson, MO

"I just wanted to give my compliments to Jim Baumann for his Milk Stout kit. Normally, I am not a big fan of stouts, but a friend convinced me to brew this batch and it is fantastic. Please pass on my compliments to Jim."

-- Brian B.    Riverside, CA

"I have been ordering for 5 years and this place is the best. You provide high quality service at good prices. Online ordering is simple and accurate. You constantly refresh your product offerings based on new trends in the industry. ?Its not a stale list like most all places.?I much appreciated your CA state fair wine drop off service.?That alone saves me time and money.?I tell all my friends that need supplies to use your site. I look forward to ordering from you in the future. "

-- Steve C.    San Jose, CA

"The world is facing challenging times, with the hops crisis and international events like Iraq and Afghanistan. As I get ready to go back to Iraq, I need a beer that can hold up to a year long fermentation while I am on foreign soil. That is exactly what Ryan and Robin did for me, linked me up with an imperial oatmeal stout with French and Hungarian wood cubes that will patiently await for my return as the yeast sit back an dine upon succulent sugars producing savory beers that make the mouth explode with a festoon of rich complex flavors where ideas and theories like this are only delivered via true public servants like Ryan and Robin. ? My life, palate and social edification have truly be refined through the generosity, patience and sage advice from the working professionals at beer beer and more beer, morebeer, and what ever iterations of the corporate name that the company will go through to solicit you fine product. ? In short, Thanks. "

-- Tony "Maddog" M.    APO, AE

"You guys are the very model of customer service. Your salespeople are extremely knowledgeable of your products and they are always more than happy to take the time needed to answer my many questions about brewing. Thanks for a great line of products and especially for your help in making my brewing efforts successful. "

-- Paul M.    Concord, CA

"Thanks a million for any advise you might have for me. You have been super good to me in the past and I really appreciate it!"

-- Joe D.    Corona, CA

"As usual you have come through for another devoted customer. I am very thankful for your help and understanding. It?s great to have your group available for all kinds of needs. "

-- Bill C.    Los Gatos, CA

"...anyway, thanks a ton for your guides and assistance. Y'all make the whole winemaking experience enjoyable."

-- Warren P.    Houston, TX

"As always the staff in the showroom has the best customer service of any store I have been to. I wish I could buy groceries and clothes there; I would never shop anywhere else! "

-- Chris F.    Concord, CA

"I wanted to say that it has been exactly one year since I took delivery of my brew sculpture and my brewing has never been as frequent or fun! You guys make a great product and your support of the home brewing community is awesome. I fear that you may have me hooked on this new conical 2.0 (looks so cool!), just need to convince the wife that it is a necessity."

-- J. L.    Forest hill, MD

"I am an intermediate brewer, and your staff consistently shows interest in my experiments, and encourages me. There is more to More Beer is than just what's on the shelf. "

-- Peter M.    Pleasent Hill, CA

"Very rarely do I feel compelled to actually write a company when I am impressed with them, even if the thought crosses my mind. Your company deserves this.My first transaction with you is probably the best transaction I have had with any company/website/store in a very long time. First, you had the best prices I could find on Amarillo hops (you cannot find these within driving distance here). That is what attracted me to your site. I used a Google Shopping search for "amarillo hops" and you had the best price. I order the hops expecting them to come mid-next week, postponing my brewing for a week (I am in Cincinnati, OH and only paid for USPS shipping). I ordered these on Tuesday. Then, I decided to call and amend my order by adding a pound of grain my local homebrew shop doesn't have in stock. Your rep was very friendly, helpful, and fast at completing the change. That was Tuesday afternoon (still morning PST). Today, two days later, a box was on my front steps! Plus it is my birthday so I feel like you just sent me my first gift. Not only did I get the package in lightning speed, I can now brew my birthday batch this weekend instead of next."

-- Aaron D.    Cincinnati, OH

"I see you guys more often than I see our kids. And, quite frankly, you're nicer. :D "

-- Paul A.    Walnut Creek, CA


-- .    ,

"Even though I work in the heart of the Napa Valley, I always purchase my home wine-making products at More Wine. Because of price? Probably not. Because of consistent and courteous service? A definite yes."

-- Randy B.    Walnut Creek, CA