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What is the Deal of The Day?

We love to generate excitement around our products, website and brand. And what better way to do that than to offer a really great deal once a day?

The idea is simple:

Once a day at 9AM PST, a new "deal" will be put on our website
Limit 1 item per customer (unless product is a bulk pack)

These deals generally fall into the following categories:

  1. New products that we want to generate some excitement around quickly.
  2. Products we have a surplus of and need to sell quickly (at a heavy discount) to make room in our warehouse.
  3. Products that we think are really cool but have been a bit "hidden" in our website - and that we want to make people aware of.
  4. Products from our other brands (MoreWine! and MoreCoffee!) that we think our MoreBeer! customers would really enjoy.
  5. Screaming deals on normal, everyday products that we want to practically give away for marketing purposes. Things like kegerators and brew sculptures in this category (usually there will only be one of these available on any given special).
  6. One-off products that we either don't regularly carry, are used/refurbished, or have some cosmetic blemishes (the story will be clearly stated in the product description - we're not looking to trick anyone)

You can view how many are available at this price on the banner at At web checkout, you use the Coupon Code: BEERDEAL to get the discounted price. 1 Use per customer per day, Limit 1 item per customer (unless product is a bulk pack) .

When the maximum number of products has been sold for the Deal of The Day, the deal will expire.

A new deal will be posted the next day at 9AM PST.

Are Deal of the Day products covered under the MoreFlavor! Warranty?

Most of the products on special will be normal products we carry. As such, they will have the standard satisfaction guarantee and Return Policy that applies to all our products.

One-off and used/refurbed products will have the return policy clearly stated in the product description.

I see the words "expired" on the Deal of The Day ad! What's up with that?

If we offered an unlimited number of products at the special price for each Deal of The Day, we wouldn't be in business for very long! As such, we limit the amount of items available at this price. When this number has been exceeded, the deal and coupon code will expire for the day. Your best bet is to check back earlier next time. The deal is launched each new day at 9AM PST.

Questions can be directed to or by calling 1-800-600-0033.

Limit 1 item per customer (unless product is a bulk pack)

See Today's Deal Of the Day